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humble thoughts from humble ventures — Issue #9

Monthly Newsletter Of Updates, Popular Stories, And What We’re Tracking

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humble ventures is a venture development firm that accelerates growth for tech-enabled startups in partnership with established organizations and investors.

In this monthly newsletter, you’ll read announcements, stories, and lessons about venture capital, innovation, entrepreneurship, diverse founders, and those building solutions for diverse audiences.

Humble Updates

Wallenius Wilhelmsen, in partnership with Ogilvy Consulting and humble ventures, has selected two winners for the inaugural BioSecurity Innovation Challenge that have developed invasive pest identification solutions for the brown marmorated stink bug.

We recently hosted a virtual event for VC in DC — long-standing in-person quarterly events for investors at DC-area venture capital, angel, early-stage growth equity, and venture debt firms.

COVID-19 is not always mild or as tragic as the stories you see on the news. It is, ALWAYS, as scary as it sounds. It was hands down, one of the scariest experiences of humble parter, Kayode Owens, life. Here’s his journey and the tips he recommends if you’re going through it.

Popular Stories

The sectors and themes where we’re seeing the most acceleration during the coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn that will foster innovative solutions today, tomorrow, and possibly forever.

We should all have a bias towards action, with a focus on making/doing when we can. If we build systems to make explicit our internal activity and processes, our organization is forced to be less siloed and instead becomes a lot more open. The consequence of such an approach is an improvement in culture, and an opportunity to increase our productivity. For every organization trying to keep it together while working from home, a few suggestions for you to consider.

Hastings, Netflix CEO, says Disney is doing better at transforming its business than any incumbent he’s seen in recent memory. How has Disney done this, and how are they benefitting amidst the global pandemic and economic crisis?

What We’re Tracking

Companies are thinking about how and when to have employees come back to work. Due to social distancing requirements, many are realizing that they will only be able to have up to 50% of employees return to offices at most.

When a group of schoolboys were marooned on an island in 1965, it turned out very differently from William Golding’s bestseller, writes Rutger Bregman.

The coronavirus is disproportionately affecting Black Americans and intensifying social determinants of health. Social determinants of health are conditions in which people live, work, and learn that impact health risks and health outcomes. COVID-19 is showing the world how social determinants of health, matter, especially to Black Americans.

To learn more about partnership opportunities, how we link inclusion to optimal outcomes in innovation or just subscribe to our newsletter, visit, or email

About humble ventures

Humble Ventures is a venture development firm that accelerates growth for tech-enabled startups in partnership with established organizations and investors.

We focus on diverse entrepreneurs that are solving problems for the fastest growing demographic segments. We believe that diverse entrepreneurs provide opportunities for disproportionate returns and represent the markets of the future.




Stories and lessons about startups, innovation, diverse founders and those building solutions for diverse audiences.

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