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The Benefits Of Innovation Workshops

Co-Creation And Remote Collaboration

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Innovation workshops drive companies to develop a compelling point of view, see competitive challenges in a new light, address specific painful problems, and create hooks of synchronicity to stimulate productivity.

Companies are thinking about how they’ll work post-COVID-19. Many are experiencing the positives of remote work like avoiding soul-crushing commutes, lifestyle improvements, and not being tied to one location. Coinbase Co-Founder & CEO, Brian Armstrong, is already seeing the benefits of remote-first culture:

“I was initially skeptical of remote work as a way to build a top tier company, but I must say that this forced experiment, brought about by COVID19, has really made me reconsider.”

Where there are positives, there are also negatives. Risks associated with remote work include less collaboration, reduced camaraderie, and difficulties for the less technical employees to get up to speed. However, through coaching, utilizing the latest video conferencing software, online whiteboards for visual collaboration and tools, companies can enable distributed teams to work effectively together.

humble de-risks the transition from in-person to remote work for big companies by running virtual innovation workshops. Throughout a three-hour session, we facilitate design thinking exercises to connect problems to a solution. The below presentation articulates the benefits of participating in an innovation workshop:

Virtual workshops transform how your team co-creates and collaborates. We gather stakeholders across an organization to identify the current state of the organization, explore business models, and articulate a compelling roadmap for the future.

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