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77% of revenue came from the private sector

Washington, DC, Home To Virtuous Cycle Of Growth

According To 2016 Startup Census Report

Many factors have influenced the rapid increase of entrepreneurial activity our region is currently experiencing. The early successes of AOL and Blackboard attracted new investors, developed talent and created millionaires that drove the creation of new businesses and investments in the region.

This beneficial cycle of events has created positive effects on the next — A virtuous cycle of growth. The young 20-somethings that once moved (or stayed) to work at the LivingSocial’s of the region acquired career capital and have now launched their own startups in a variety of industries. Software is now the most prevalent industry in the region, followed by marketing and advertising, information technology and services and Internet. The founders of these companies hail from all over the globe, with as many (13.9%) born out of the country as native to DC. Below are more interesting findings from the report:

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