Why Our Startups Pitched Investors…On A Boat (Video)

Democratizing Access To Opportunity

Recently, with support from the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership (AEDP), an audience of investors, government officials and industry leaders set sail on a boat to view founders pitch promising tech startups. The bi-annual event, Partnership On The Potomac, showcased 13 startups reshaping urban tech sectors in the Washington, DC region and beyond.

Meaningful connections being made on the boat

Here at humble we believe that economic independence is the cornerstone to community resilience. We exist to provide underrepresented entrepreneurs access to the most inclusive network of trusted human relationships and early stage capital to address market opportunities profitably. And the results virtually speak for themselves. In the Spring ’17 Alexandria cohort our diverse founders:

  • Generated $169K in revenue
  • Raised $210k in capital
  • Created 10 jobs
  • Secured 13 partnerships
  • Acquired over 7,000 new customers

We’re democratizing access to opportunity — helping entrepreneurs learn from customers, grow through the power of peer knowledge transfer, and develop those key relationships with investors.

Attendees got the opportunity to hear a three minute pitch from all of our founders who participated in our Spring ’17 cohort and let the good conversations flow aboard the Cherry Blossom Riverboat. We have an unconventional approach to entrepreneurship and that’s one of the many reasons why we wanted our startups to pitch investors on a boat. View the video recap below:

“Our differentiator is the ability to compress time-cycles through the power of peer knowledge transfer with near-real time lessons-learned. We don’t duplicate, replicate or replace existing resources. Instead we fill in the gaps where startups continue to plateau with our tech-optimized virtual infrastructure.” — Mary Iafelice, Humble Ventures

We could not be more proud of our team, and more importantly, the diverse and amazing founders we’ve had the pleasure to work with. Click here to learn more about our startups. If you’re interested in partnership opportunities with humble ventures, then email start@humble.vc.