Why You Should Upgrade Your Home With Your Tax Return

Written by Chad Hall, Cofounder at RemodelMate, a humble ventures startup that is rapidly raising the standards of the home improvement industry for residential renovations by transforming the buying experience for customers as well as the way that contractors attract customers and sell their services.

Home Sweet Home

Tax season is officially over. You can finally delete Turbo Tax’s app, lose your W2, and spend some much-deserved homeowner tax credits. Let the countdown for your tax return begin!

Before you start planning to splurge on an overrated baecation or go impulse shopping (again), here’s why you should unhumble your abode:

1.A vacation only lasts a few days, a week max. Your memories in your home will last forever. That’s like 25 home years. Spring staycations [insert greater-than sign here] [insert anything else here]

Staycations >>>

2. Improvements are worth the investment. Because they make dollars and sense. Did we mention that we make this incredibly delightful for you?

Like, almost THIS delightful.

3. You deserve better. Getting to whatever tropical getaway you had in mind will probably include an airplane. With RemodelMate, we beat the competition. Not you. That goes for price, time to reach your desired destination and customer experience. We can’t say the same about some of these airlines though.

We’re looking at you, United…

4. You’ve been putting off this project all winter. We know, the thought of trekking to a home improvement showroom or worse meeting with a couple contractors for “bids” that sell you out of house and home on seemingly-similar options sounds dreadful. But it doesn’t have to be. Hint: remodelmate.com

EXCEPT: RemodelMate

5. Do you really need another pair of overpriced shoes? Will you actually use that thing-a-ma-bob you just had to have at 3am? You will come home every night.

If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

6. Your loved one will put you in the doghouse if you don’t. Hoping for the day to come when you don’t come home to a fight? Don’t know what to do? Roofus does! He’s a labradoor that can upgrade your curb appeal.

Roofus promises not to spam you ;-)

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