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Israeli War Criminal on the Humboldt Trial

“It is allowed to express opinions and to argue, but violence, assault and trespassing […] has no place”, says apartheid representative Aliza Lavie who recently reacted to the verdict in the Humboldt trial.

We agree:
The massacre of 551 children in Gaza has no place.
The liquidation of 89 entire families has no place.
The torture and mass arrest of Palestinian children has no place.
The shooting of live ammunition at unarmed demonstrators has no place.
The active representation of a criminal apartheid regime which carries out crimes against humanity — that has no place.
Aliza Lavie has direct responsibility for all of the atrocities listed above!

Former MK Aliza Lavie, whose Humboldt University propaganda event we disrupted, responded with the above.

Lavie is not only an official apartheid representative. She served at the time as the Head of the Anti-BDS lobby in Israel’s apartheid parliament. She took an active role in overseeing the brutal assault on Gaza in 2014 which resulted in 2200 being killed, including 551 children and 89 entire families that were obliterated. Then, in 2018 she was Head of Israeli Mission to the European Council — defending the systemic mass incarceration and torture of Palestinian minors as well as the premeditated massacre of unarmed demonstrators along the fence of the Gaza ghetto.

To quote Stavit Sinai’s final statement to the judge, it is not her who should be on trial for resisting Israeli crimes against humanity, “I am confident that one day the apartheid criminals would be sitting here instead of me” she said.

No matter the consequences, our acts of civil disobedience which are nonviolent but more importantly an uncompromising resistance to normalizing with Israel and its crimes, will carry on. Slander, silencing, legal persecution and even imprisonment will not silence us until the Israeli criminals are held accountable for their crimes.



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ronnie barkan

ronnie barkan


An Israeli dissident. Currently awaiting trial in the UK for disrupting the Israeli murder machine.🎬 * *