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The German Bundestag vs. The Rest of Humanity

Not a single member of the German Bundestag voted against the sinister conflation of BDS, which demands the respect of international law, with antisemitism

Demonstrating outside the German Bundestag following its three motions, from across the political spectrum, stating that BDS=antisemitism
Voting in favor of Die Linke motion 19/10261 which equates BDS with antisemitism. 17 May 2019.



The Humboldt3 are currently on trial in Berlin for speaking up against apartheid representative Aliza Lavie. The three are taking Israel to court along with them while insisting on a legal discourse which accuses the State of Israel of practicing crimes against humanity.

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ronnie barkan

An Israeli dissident. Anti Nazi/Fascist/Zionist. In UK, awaiting trial for disrupting the Israeli murder machinešŸŽ¬ > >