Product Videos in E-commerce

Product videos are what sells your product, and you should be nailing them. Period.

Today, the average attention span of an internet user is less than 8 seconds.

How do you make an impact in those 8 seconds? How do you keep the user engaged for a long enough duration to send your message? How do you articulate your message succinctly enough to warrant a brand recall?

Many people don’t realize how crucial this initial contact is to e-commerce sales. You may think, “This stat is for blog writers and publications. How does it affect me? I’ve got an e-commerce business!”.

And you may not be any more wrong in thinking that.

Your product pages have lengths of descriptions explaining to a potential customer why they should be buying that product. You place everything carefully on your product pages to entice a customer into buying your product or service.

You spend thousands of dollars on marketing through which your company name remains in recent memories of potential customers.

One way of achieving this goal is making product videos. Videos create a visual memory in your audience’s mind. For example, an explainer video describing your products or services goes a long way with your customers than just writing about them.

Today, we can harness the power of digital platforms and different channels to broadcast our message. You can use channels like Youtube and Vimeo to boost product visibility.

Here are a few tips on creating a great product video:

  • Have a strong opening — Remember you want your customer (who has a very short attention span) to stay on your product page for longer.
  • Keep the video short — Although you want the customer to spend most time on your online store, you also want them to do actual buying. So keep the video short and engaging.
  • Focus on the USPs of your product.
  • Problem — Agitate — Solve: Tell about the problem you’re aiming to solve. Aggravate the pain points and then present how your product is designed to solve it
  • Include a call-to-action — Once the customer is hooked on your product, you want them to act upon it. Include a powerful call-to-action to conclude the video.

Once you have made a creative yet powerful product video, leverage it! Use it on as many channels as possible to be visible to your target segment.

These videos must also be used on product pages in your online store to create a seamless brand experience.

We have created a tutorial for Magento 2 E-commerce website owners on how to use Youtube videos as product videos in Magento 2. Check out this easy yet powerful tutorial to add to your sales figures.

Would you like to add anything to the conversation? We would like to know your thoughts on visual marketing.



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