CoinAlpha Bi-weekly Update | Dec 17

It has been another two busy weeks — Singapore meetups, planning and development of hummingbot, community building, etc. Want to know more? Read on.


Team CoinAlpha went to the Merlion City, co-hosted and hosted a few meetup events, made some meaningful connections, met potential strategic partners, attended the ETHSingapore hackathon. Overall, it was a fruitful trip that kept us spinning! Nice meeting all of you in Singapore.

Hummingbot Technical Updates

In the past two weeks, our dev team has made the following progress:

  • Added order book data collectors and trade replay simulators for multiple exchanges
  • Added support for market orders in trade replay simulators
  • Built the Ethereum wallet interface for Hummingbot
  • Finalized draft version of Hummingbot whitepaper


The development of hummingbot is now in full swing. Everyone on the team is laser-focused! The whitepaper will be out before the holidays. We hope it will make one of the best holiday reads for enthusiastic crypto traders😜.

The beta version is scheduled to be released by the end of February 2019, so mark your calendar! In the meantime, you can check out the new website: to learn more.

Until next time, stay “coiny”!

Team CoinAlpha

CoinAlpha Advisors LLC is a wholly separate entity from CoinAlpha Inc. Since certain news stories related to the SEC settlement and cease-and-desist order with CoinAlpha Advisors LLC contain errors, this tweet is to clear any confusion caused. Read here.

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