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Apr 4 · 4 min read

Hummingbot is now public and open-source, and we’re beyond excited to bring this high-frequency market making trading bot to the masses.

The software is currently available on our github and docker.

What is Hummingbot?

Hummingbot is an open-source software client that allows users to create and customize automated, algorithmic trading bots for making markets on both centralized and decentralized digital asset exchanges.

Now, anyone can be a high-frequency trader and earn profits from market making, a trading strategy that was previously accessible only to algorithmic hedge funds. For our exchange partners, Hummingbot solves their liquidity challenges by turning their community into a decentralized army of market makers.

While Hummingbot is not the first publicly-available trading bot (in fact, we reviewed several here: crypto trading bots), it was designed be to the simplest and easiest to use bot of its kind, enabling out-of-the-box high-frequency market making to users with limited technical expertise.

Like its hummingbird namesake, the elegant facade is only part of a highly-optimized machine. Hummingbot was designed for institutional grade performance and reliability. Built on technologies such as Cython (Python compiled into C), Hummingbot utilizes low-level programming to optimize the speed and memory efficiency crucial for executing high frequency trading algorithms.

Hummingbot will serve as a base platform upon which users will be able to customize and build their own market making and trading strategies.

Hummingbot’s design philosophy: fuse simplicity and ease of use with performance and flexibility.

Introducing the Hummingbot CLI

Users operate Hummingbot through an interactive command line interface:

Hummingbot’s command line interface

For an explanation of the CLI and a summary of commands, visit the Hummingbot documentation.

Initializing and configuring Hummingbot

Hummingbot is initialized and configured through a step-by-step command line interface (see documentation: configuring for a full example).

Automatically posting and adjusting orders

The above image shows Hummingbot automatically placing and adjusting orders on an exchange. Using the same Ethereum wallet, users can see their Hummingbot orders being placed and adjusted in the exchange’s website.

Where do we go from here?

Our plans for Hummingbot are to continue to build additional capabilities in order to maximize its utility for users:

  • Exchange connectors: We intend to continually roll-out capabilities to connect Hummingbot to more and more exchanges.
  • Trading strategies: The next strategy we will be working on is “pure” market making (see our whitepaper for more details).
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI): The team has already worked with designers to create concepts for the GUI, to make the use of Hummingbot even easier for users. We plan on beginning implementing this within the coming months.
    For those familiar with Ethereum core apps, the client and user interface will be similar in concept to geth | Ethereum Wallet and parity | parity-ui.

0x Collaboration

Hummingbot has formed strategic alliances with several well-known decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. We received a development grant from 0x, a leading open-source protocol for decentralized exchanges, to support the 0x ecosystem with Hummingbot.

“We share 0x’s vision of a tokenized world, and we believe that solving the liquidity problem faced by decentralized exchanges will help make that vision a reality.” said Michael Feng, CEO and Co-Founder of CoinAlpha Inc, the company behind Hummingbot.

“The 0x Core Team is very excited about the launch of Hummingbot. We believe it will lower the barriers to providing liquidity on the 0x network. Hummingbot has assembled a great team and we are thrilled to be working with them through our Ecosystem Acceleration Program.” said Will Warren, CEO and Co-founder of 0x.

Become a Hummingbot partner 🤝

We’re establishing partnerships with additional with cryptocurrency exchanges (centralized and decentralized) to integrate with Hummingbot. We’re also seeking out crypto funds and token issuers who are interested in professional deployments of Hummingbot.

If this is you and you’d like to work with us, please contact:

About us

CoinAlpha, the company behind Hummingbot, is a Mountain View-based startup founded in 2017 by a team with deep expertise in finance, machine learning, and blockchain engineering. Our mission is to build open source technologies that enable a more transparent, fair, and inclusive financial system.

We are backed by Bain Capital Ventures, Ironfire Ventures, SharesPost, and the Stanford-StartX Fund.

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