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For users who are looking to run Hummingbot for prolonged periods of time, especially multiple bots simultaneously, local installation can be limiting. Currently, each bot requires its own docker image, which can use up local computing power, memory, and storage. Further, your bots can only be running for as long as your computer is in use.

Even if these are not concerns for you, running Hummingbot in the cloud presents several advantages. For instance, Hummingbot relies on a stable connection to continuously fetch order book data and place orders. Using virtual machines can not only help ensure a seamless connection, but also increase the speed of transactions by operating on servers that are geographically closer to the exchanges. And while cloud computing was expensive and complicated in the past, modern instances are much cheaper and easier to use which has made it very feasible for individual users to operate cloud servers of their own.

In this post, we compare the offerings of major cloud computing services relative to the needs of Hummingbot users. With the right provider and setup documentation, running a remote instance of Hummingbot has never been easier.

TL;DR: If you would like to skip to our final recommendations, you can find them here.

Examining the playing field

In the last decade, cloud computing has exploded in popularity, leading to the development of dozens of different providers each with their own specializations and niches. And given the difficulty in traversing the wealth of options for a newcomer, many have scored and ranked cloud service platforms on a number of metrics.

Here, we measure different cloud service systems specifically with regards to use for Hummingbot. We decided to compare platforms based on key factors which primarily include ease of use, free trial flexibility, post-trial price, and overall quality.

The four cloud-hosting companies we cover are some of the larger players in the field:

If you are interested in setting up Hummingbot on any of these providers, we have installation guides published on our documentation site. At the request of many users, we have also posted useful tricks for running the client in the background on a cloud server.

View the full blog here: How to Run Hummingbot in the Cloud: An In-Depth Comparison of Different Cloud Providers

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Bite-size stories about crypto trading, decentralized finance and hummingbot. For full articles, check out

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