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Humor Me

The time I found a rat in the BBQ

And screamed so loudly my dead grandma heard me.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

After a steamy, summer day in Sonoma County, California, the air cooled as evening approached. I looked up from the kitchen sink to gaze at the majestic redwoods that lined our property. Those trees marked the edge of our land and the beginning of our neighbor’s massive yard displaying a variety of fruit trees and gorgeous flowers. The beauty was contrasted…



An all inclusive publication that features REAL LIFE or semi real life funny stories. Whether you have a weird sex story, a story about when you were tested for ADHD, or anything really. Just make it funny!

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Amy Strommer

Amy dreams of writing humor between her naps, having a clean house, and reading the 17 books stacked on her nightstand.