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How To Support Humungus

Money for words is an honest transaction

Hi. My name is John and I’m the creator of Humungus. Just a heads up: I’m about to ask you for money. I know there are a ton of streaming platforms and newspapers and newsletters asking you to buy subscriptions to their services. But Humungus isn’t any of those things: it’s a simple blog written by one person, me. Every week, I write essays about pop culture, masculinity, and feelings. I’d appreciate it if you’d consider supporting my work by becoming a Medium member. I’ll explain more after the three dots.

A Medium membership costs $5 a month. For $5, you get unlimited access to Medium’s multiverse and, more importantly, Humungus. You can buy two Big Bite Hot Dogs and a Big Gulp at 7–11 for about five bucks! I fact-checked that.

There are two ways I can eke out a living on Medium: performance and monthly memberships. If my stories are read and shared, then I make money. Thank you to everyone who does just that — every month, thousands of you clap, comment, and post my work to social media.

The second way is relatively new: If you signup right now for a Medium membership, then I get to keep half of that.


If you become a Medium member now, you get full access to Humungus, which publishes daily, including weekly franchises like 150 Word Reviews and If I May Suggest…, a column where I gently, and lovingly, recommend streaming shows to binge. Humungus also has an archive with hundreds of stories about shit that is cool as hell. I am the world’s best internet salesman.

Medium has been my creative home for two years now. There are too many people at Medium who have helped me, and one day I’ll properly thank Matt and Tracey and Scott and Harris. Maybe a Fudgie the Whale?

And Humungus has been my sole source of income during that time. This blog is what I want to do: write what I want, for a dedicated audience. To be honest, I am burned out writing for algorithms. I have been creating digital content for a long time, and I love it. But I have also worked for almost every big publishing company out there and the writers they employ are routinely suffocated with impossible goals and antiquated ideas about the relationship between writers and audiences.

The pressure to create clickbait and to answer to the algorithms of creepy tech Goliaths is very real.

My goal at Medium is simple, and that’s to become self-sufficient using the monetization tools they’re providing. I don’t need to go viral, or drive millions of views, to make a living. who likes reading my sometimes sad, sometimes funny, takes on action movies and sex and politics. Sometimes I write about Robocop.

For $5 a month, you can make it possible for me to continue writing, and growing. It’s a good deal. Medium is not like one of those popular newsletter subscription services because a Medium membership gives you access to an ocean of original journalism, fiction, and creative non-fiction. There are also excellent publications like Elemental and Gen.

The best pitch I can give for Medium is this: it’s like the old internet, a wild, diverse, clickable Rube Goldberg machine populated by veteran writers, talented new voices, and more than one very entertaining lunatic.

I don’t want Humungus to scale. I don’t want it to be the most popular blog of all time. I just want to connect with other people through essays, criticism, and storytelling. I want to write about movies and TV and life, you know?

Anyway, thanks for reading. I haven’t been sending newsletters this summer because, to be honest, it’s been a weird few months. But I have managed to write nearly every day though. My plan is to keep that up. As always, if you have any questions at all, just reply to this email. If you’d like to know more about Medium memberships or just want to talk about, I dunno, David Lynch’s Dune, I’m here. I’d love to hear from you.

After another set of three dots, the most popular Humungus essays of the summer.

The 5 Most Popular Humungus Essays Of The Summer

1. So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way

Remember the Friends reunion on HBO Max? That happened a few months ago, but it feels like years. I had a visceral reaction to that special. It actually sent me into an existential downward spiral.

2. I Want To Live Alone In The Woods Like Nic Cage In ‘Pig’

One of the best movies of this strange summer was Nic Cage’s Pig. The movie’s trailer made this solemn drama look like John Wick meets Babe, but it is, in fact, a meditation on loss and ambition and loneliness.

3. How Are You Feeling?

I write about therapy because it’s an important part of my life and because I don’t think enough men reach out for help when they need it. This is a simple essay about answering a simple question, and the response was positive.

4. I Accidentally Watched The First ‘Sex/Life’ Episode And Now I Can’t Stop

Everything in the title of this essay is true. I didn’t mean to watch Netflix’s new-ish soft-core porn fairy tale. But I did, and I survived, and I wrote about it for you.

5. Happy Birthday To Me, I Am The Age Tony Soprano Was When He Got Killed

The Sopranos is the only TV show I’ve ever watched, from beginning to end, twice. And the second time was better than the first. It’s such a dense, and rewarding, watch. For my birthday, I wrote about the big guy himself and, of course, me.



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