7 Great sites for UI/UX inspiration

Staring at a blank canvas is a nightmare experienced by most designers out there. Let me help you get the creative juices flowing 🍭🍭


A nice collection of designs curated by @tchret. The designs are web only but cover some of the popular and most needed sections such as Checkout Pages, Pricing Pages and Store Pages.


The grand-daddy of UI/UX designer communities, it’s a great place to get early feedback from others. Designers upload their designs, or designs from their teams and have it commented on by others in the community. The designs in Dribbble on the whole are of a very high standard.


Pttrns is a set of manually curated designs across iOS and Android. There’s a ton of content here dating back a while now and so you can apply some great filters to drill down to the type of designs you’re interested in.


Founded by Matt Aussaguel and Guillemette Dejean initially as a place for curated Material Design, it’s now grown into a massive community for both designers and developers. It also has a great Market where you can purchase ready made UI Kits, Themes, Icons created by the community.This is one of my main ‘Go To’ sites for inspiration.


As implied by the name, it’s a brilliant collection of one page websites nicely categorized into sections such as landing pages, e-commerce, app sites and more.


UI Movement has a weekly newsletter curated by Ramy Khuffash where he sends out 5 great animations each week. The website is an excellent collection of designs. It also has an entire section of videos showcasing User Flows of some of the most popular apps out there. Great for seeing how others are doing things like the Onboarding flows.

I hope the above sites help you make a start on your design. If you have any of your own favorites please let me know in the comments. Be sure to click the 💜 icon to let others know.

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