Why we developed Hunch — Our prototyping SaaS app.

Hunch homepage.

Back in 2008 I co-founded a digital agency where we specialized in Mobile App development. We were extremely lucky we had the opportunity to create apps for some of the UK’s biggest brands. One thing each project would have in common though was the tedious back and forth during the design phase. It got to be a right pain!

We’d start with a set of wireframe designs in a shared Dropbox folder. Our designer would then send out an email to the various in-house stakeholders for feedback. After a horrendously long thread of emails from developers and project managers, and with everyone in-house now ready, the PM’s would repeat the process with the client.

Without the client seeing a walk-through flow of the app however there would almost always be changes needed during development, causing delays and adding extra cost to the project.

Like all good software houses, we did what any of you would do: Hackathon to build an app (You know you would!).

The first version of Hunch was really just an in-house tool to help us get the wireframing and flows planned and thought out. We’d upload the files to our server and get the clients to take a look at the flows and email us any feedback/changes needed.

As our vision for Redbeard became clear: Helping our users across the entire app development lifecycle, the Hunch app became a core component of that vision.

Over the last 6 months we’ve worked with more than 600 companies on our beta program to help tweak the app and have drastically improved the offering since our initial launch.

Customers can now collaborate on project prototypes by inviting relevant members of their team to each project, controlling access on a per prototype basis. Each prototype preview can also be password protected for when you’re sending out the links.

We’ve now also added the ability for customers to create web prototypes (We launched the beta with mobile iPhone app prototypes only)

One thing’s for sure. There’s a big difference between creating an in house tool and a commercially ready product.

Thanks to all the team, our beta testers and everyone that has helped along the way in getting Hunch live and ready!! ✌️

Hunch is available with a free 30 day trial. Click here to check out the details and sign up (No Card Needed).

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