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Hundred5 is the modern way of hiring. Without reading hundreds of CVs and looking for skilled people as needles in a haystack. You can sign up for beta now!

When asking any business about its top challenges for 2017, recruiting is always on that list. And while the world has evolved rapidly, the hiring processes have remained largely unchanged. We know because we have been there.

Standing out from millions of job openings is hard and finding a good fit is exhausting for both sides. Because 95% of people trying out for a job are unqualified. And every second spent on dealing with them is a waste of time. Thus, when relying on job boards and reading hundreds of resumes, you most probably will end up with an irrational decision.

And on the other end, sending resumes or cover letters as a first step is a high threshold to overcome. Additionally, the best people are most likely occupied and they rarely browse job boards. This makes the 5% you would really want to hire almost impossible to engage.

So after years of struggle, we knew there had to be a better way. Today, we have a team of 50 that has been hired largely with a simple but engaging web campaigns that consists of A/B or multiple choice questions. Questions in text, images or whatever we come up with. Then we let the system evaluate each and every answer and pick out the best performers. Swoosh, just like that we find the best performers and focus our energy only on them.

And lately we’ve been asking ourselves: why not share this new approach with the world. All we need is beta testers — you!

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