Houston Restaurants Aid in Hurricane Harvey Relief

Houston Restaurants Aid in Hurricane Harvey Relief

As of now, we’re sure everyone has heard of the destruction Hurricane Harvey has caused on Texas, costing lives and causing over a million home evacuations. With over 40,000 people in shelters and almost 190,000 homes devastated during the storm, National Guard Troops have been deployed to aid in Hurricane Harvey’s relief. Not only these forces, but Houston restaurants have also joined in in the effort to aid affected citizens in any way they can. These restaurants are offering free meals to victims and responders, some even until the restaurant officially runs out of food. In restaurants all over Houston, cook and volunteers prepare over tens of thousands of meals to be set all over the city to places and people who need them. Peli Peli Cinco Ranch, a South African fusion restaurant, served up over 2,000 plates of food while several restaurants in Austin are donating 100% of their profits to the Houston disaster relief, such as Homeslice Pizza, Thai Fresh, and Wrestle Circus. Chefs, cooks, and volunteers even took to social media and created a “I Have Food I Need Food” Facebook page to spread awareness to encourage more food donations.

Another Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund by La Table and Invest Hospitality, a hospitality brand investment firm, Hospitality for HoUSton, collaborated with renowned chefs and their restaurants, and encouraged monetary donations through their official website, donating proceeds to Houston Food Bank and local shelters.

Click here to donate! (Hospitality for HoUSton)

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Originally published at HungerPass.