BBQ Ranch Popcorn

Popcorn 3

Popcorn is the quintessential couch potato snack! And no offense to plain popcorn, but we can do better. How about BBQ Ranch better!? Yes please! This is the easiest recipe and it’s such a step up. So if you don’t have a lot of time before the game, go with this recipe. Whip it up, hit the couch, and cross your fingers your bracket doesn’t get busted tonight!

Popcorn 2

BBQ Ranch Popcorn

Recipe by Addie of Addie’s Confetti Kitchen

Popcorn kernels 
Extra virgin olive oil, to taste
Hidden Valley Ranch Packet 
2 tsp paprika


1. Pop your popcorn in air popper. (If you don’t have one, no fear! Just use Skinny Pop or something comparable, like microwave popcorn. Prepare according to the packaging).

2. Toss your popcorn with a little oil. Then toss with ranch powder packet and paprika. Serve!

Adia Benson, known as Addie, was born and raised in Minnesota, where she spent cold winters playing hockey on her frozen over backyard and summers on her brother’s soccer team (the girl is competitive!). Although her career took her to a kitchen, she has remained a sports fan and finds any opportunity to host friends and family around a game. She has worked for the likes of Thomas Keller, Martha Stewart and in culinary innovation for two years at gravitytank in Chicago. She currently lives in Lake Forest, IL with her fiancé, Alex, and puppy, Paisley, and works at Prime Publishing overseeing the production of culinary content for web platforms and testing recipes that will be published in cookbooks beginning in 2017. Addie also runs Addie’s Confetti Kitchen, where, for the next month, she’s helping us make March Madness eats effortless, appetizing, and a whole lot of fun for everyone!

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