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This week’s award goes to San Antonio Spurs Super Fan Rick Cardenas from San Antonio, Texas.

Rick Cardenas

We decided to sit down and interview this week’s Super Fan, Rick, and get some insight into what it takes to be a stand out San Antonio Spurs fan.

HF: How long have you been a Spurs fan?

RC: I have been a Spurs fan as long as I can remember.

HF: So how many games would you say watch a year? (Prove to us your super fan-ness)!

RC: I never miss a game, I watch between 80–82 regular season games a year, plus playoff runs.

HF: What do you think makes the Spurs franchise so unique?

RC: I think it’s the consistency of the franchise that makes them unique. Today you have teams that change personnel so quickly. The Spurs organization has had the same core for the last 20 years.

HF: Who is your favorite Spurs player of all time & why?

RC: Tim Duncan. I never got to see Gervin play and I was too young to appreciate Robinson. With Duncan I’ve seen his whole career so far. I’ve seen all the highlights, awards, milestones and championships — doing all of that in a Spurs jersey.

HF: What is your favorite Spurs moment of all time?

RC: The Memorial Day Miracle. That was the moment when I finally believed that this was the year. Every title run has a moment where you feel like “this is it” and that was the first.

HF: How many Spurs jerseys, shirts, hats, etc. do you own?

RC: I have Spurs everything: cups, shirts, hats, socks, towels. Everything. Both new and vintage. [I have] easily 75+ items.

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