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Whoscall for Windows Phone

Whoscall is an instant caller ID app that help you identify background information of incoming unknown calls. I was responsible for the whole development of Windows Phone version from the initial release to v1.5, which was ever ranked as Top 3 in Taiwan region.


SwimRing is our project for Fault Tolerant Computing course in NCTU. The main goal is to build a minimal distributed fault-tolerant key-value store. We implemented Consistent Hash Ring to provide the ability of sharding, and SWIM Gossip Protocol for membership dissemination and failure detection. Furthermore, SwimRing supports Cassandra-like replication, read/write consistency level and read-repair mechanism.


binder-for-linux is my project for Operating System Design and Implementation course in NCTU. The main goal is to explore the architecture and implementation of Android’s Binder and try to port the whole subsystem to common Linux distributions. We succeeded in running the Binder IPC subsystem and benchmark programs on Ubuntu 14.04 and found that Binder is not suitable for the transmission of large payload, possibly due to the single global lock.


DockerVC is a container-based volunteer computing platform. As a modern version of BOINC, scientists and developers can easily wrap the computation jobs as a Dockerfile and distribute it to users around the world, without need to worry about the incompatibility of execution environment.


IlliniSale is an online trading platform designed for students of UIUC, and it was also a course project of CS411. We developed numerous functionalities including bidding system, private messaging, tag-based recommender system, in-memory auto-complete engine, etc.


RoutingFlow is my senior project, which aims to implement legacy and distributed routing protocol in a OpenFlow network. It is built as a controller app on Ryu SDN Framework and provided basic interface to implement routing protocols such as RIP and OSPF.

超級球經 (SuperGM)

SuperGM is the first cross-device solution for basketball game recorder. It makes you able to use your mobile phone as remote control, and tablet as scoreboard or tactics board. All you need to do is pair your phone and tablet via NFC/Bluetooth, and all the data will sync to the cloud.

  • Developed with C# and ASP.NET MVC
  • Microsoft Taiwan Windows App Hackathon, First Place
  • MobileHero 2013, Competition of Smart Client Implementation, Excellent Work
  • Coverage:

我愛看中職 (I ♥ CPBL)

I ♥ CPBL is an unofficial app designed for baseball fans. It makes you able to watch CPBLTV and catch latest CPBL news on Windows Phone. It was ever ranked as Top 1sports app in Taiwan region.


InfiniteSOS is an innovative project that make you able to send emergency message without telecommunication signal. Inspired from Morse code, we encoded the digital message into analog signal, and transmitted it via FM. goTenna is a similar product released in 2015.

  • Developed with C#, WPF, and ASP.NET MVC
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013, World Citizenship Competition Taiwan Final, Third Place
  • Network Communication Software and Innovative Applications Contest 2013, Competition of Mobile Applications, Excellent Work

NSMUN Minute Book

NSMUN Minute Book is a Windows application designed for Model UN conferences. The software provided control plane and projector screen for most of the processes during the MUN committees. It was used by Nanshan Senior High School since 2013.




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