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Beginning of Our Next Phase

As we are wrapping up our development on HunnySwap, here’s a short update on what you will be expecting moving forward.

1. Love tokens

Many of you are wondering about the profit-sharing on HunnySwap for LOVE holders, up to 30% of profits from fees will be shared with LOVE holders with 20% being the minimum depending on trade volume.

With Hunny beginning the next phase of our journey, all LOVE rebase will be halted. The total supply of love will be below 2,000,000 tokens. this means there will be more profits to go around for holders!

2. HunnySwap

We have sent our codes to Certik and currently awaiting their confirmation on a date to begin the audit. We should expect our audit to be completed on the 2nd week of April.

As shared in our previous post, the native token on the new chain will be “XOXO” tokens. If you have no idea what XOXO means, the common knowledge of XOXO means “Hugs & Kisses”.

We appreciate your patience during this final stage of development works. We are very excited to start the new phase of the journey with you!




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