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HunnyDAO Launches Hyper Staking and Kinetic Bonding with More Utility and Sustainability

HunnyDAO is an OHM Fork on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). HunnyDAO is the only DeFi Online Casino Backed dual treasury asset reserve. HunnyDAO is developed by the team behind Hunny Finance, HunnyPlay (BSCs First Defi Casino), and HunnyPoker. HunnyDAO is a decentralized reserve currency protocol that endeavors to be the only reserve currency for all Online Casinos in the DeFi space.

Growing Treasury Is the Priority

HunnyDAO’s priority in 2022 is to grow our treasury and ensure sustainability first. OHM Forks are based on Game Theory. They challenge the idea in Game Theory that suggests that the player who is first in and first out always benefits the most. Any treasury is the core/backbone of a centralized/decentralized stable currency. The utility is the name of the game. HunnyDAO is only here to solve the problems encountered by most of the existing OHM Forks.


1) New Kinetic Bonding and Hyper Staking

1a) New Funds into the Treasury
1b) Attract new Users
1c) Existing community to have a sustained APY for an indefinite period of time
1d) Selling pressure of $LOVE is reduced with Performance Bonding and Vesting
1e) More opportunities for Dollar Cost Averaging for existing hodlers

2) New LOVE Pool

2a) Reduces Selling Pressure of newly minted LOVE
2b) Rebase bots who take advantage of staking and unstaking are rendered useless

More updates in the coming weeks and months. More aggressive marketing is on the way, let’s make this happen.

The phoenix, Introducing Kinetic Bonding, Hyper Staking, and other bits and pieces.

Firstly, Kinetic Bonding is summarised as such


Follow the steps
1) Kinetic Bond LOVE
2) Hyper Stake LOVE
3) Receive KISS, attract HUG
4) Use HUGS to redeem LOVE

$LOVE redeemed by $HUG will be contributed by DAO.

Utility, how do we get there? Building the treasury, simply by offering massive discounts, you are attracting more new funds into the treasury, and as we know this alone benefits massively for everyone in the community.

HUG is performance vested using the Fibonacci Sequence. The Fibonacci sequence can be described using a mathematical equation:
Xn+2= Xn+1 + Xn

People claim there are many special properties about the numerical sequence, such as the fact that it is “nature’s secret code” for building perfect structures, like the Great Pyramid at Giza or the iconic seashell that likely graced the cover of your school mathematics textbook.

Amount HUG can be claimed after bonding = Total KISS earned x Loyalty Ratio (0–100%) * HCV (0–100%)

Total KISS earned = KISS balance unstake — LOVE balance staked

The loyalty Ratio is based on the Fibonacci Sequence. (If users stake 3 epochs, their Loyalty Ratio is 3%, loyalty ratio is 100 percent after 144 Epochs.)

HCV — Hyper staking control variable: 0–100%

Kinetic Bonding:

Bonding with BUSD-LOVE Bond

Kinetic Bonding only supports BUSD bonding for now. Other pools will be coming soon.

Hyper Staking Pool:

STAKING on Hyper staking pools
Details of Hyper Staking

A new pool with new mechanisms and competitive APY

This new pool will work exactly like the old one with 2 exceptions.

1) Unstaking will trigger a 24-Hour Linear Vesting of UNSTAKED AMOUNT

2) Clock will trigger to reset after any unstaking action is performed.

This effectively renders the rebase bots useless. Front running bots and normal trading bots are part and parcel of BSC every trading pair on BSC, do your own diligence and exercise care when buying into any pairing on PCS or BSC.

Note: The existing staking $LOVE pool will be decommissioned. Do take the chance to shift all your staked $LOVE to our new Hyper Staking pool so as not to lose any rewards.

While we already have many successful projects in the DeFi space, we’re yet to see the utility and sustainability of DeFi 2.0. HunnyDAO will unleash its own potential and we are sure that it can emerge as one of the top DeFi 2.0 projects in 2022 with its functions and utility for the DeFi community.

About Hunny

🍯 Hunny aims to be the most engaging and fun DeFi destination built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). On top of that, they are developing a brand new and unprecedented gamified farming playground ♠️♥️♣️♦️🎰🎲 where every user can enjoy high yields and exciting games at the same time.

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