20+ Best Typography Tools and Apps for Designers

Are you tired of the monotonous use of those regular fonts every day? Here are a few of our favorites tools you’re sure to love.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a safe bet when shopping for project fonts. Download font families to use in design files or grab scripts to toss into your code.


If you have an Adobe CC license, TypeKit offers access to a whole bunch of premium fonts.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel offers a database of all the free fonts your little heart could possibly desire.

Type Nugget

Type Nugget is a WYSIWYG editor for web typography CSS.

What the Font

What the Font helps you identify a mystery font by scanning a file that have so generously uploaded.


Typewolf offers a daily bit of typography-in-the-wild inspiration.

Type Anything

Type Anything lets you fine tune your family of header styles, and then download the CSS to get your design live.


Typecast allows you to prototype site typography and then download the CSS to make it happen.

Fontface Ninja

Fontface Ninja is a browser extension that helps you identify fonts while browsing a website.

Modular Scale

Modular Scale is a useful tool for exploring base and em ratio font relationships.


Typ.io is a tumblr-style source of inspiration for font combinations and layouts.

Font Flame

Font Flame is Tinder for fonts.


Fontic scans your Photoshop files and outputs a list of all fonts used.


After entering a font of your choice, FontReach scans the interwebz to show you sites that use that font. It’s like the zoo for designers.


RightFont is an app used to preview, sync, install, and manage fonts on your Mac.

Fonts In Use

Fonts In Use is an archive showing how various fonts have been applied in a full variety of design applications.


Prototypo is a simple tool that allows you to adjust more than 30 attributes of a font.

Font Pair

Font Pair is a curated collection of heading/body pairs of Google Fonts.

Type Detail

Wenting Zhang annotates the details of a few dozen common typefaces.

CSS Sans

CSS Sans is a sans serif font created entirely by CSS.

Type Sample

Type Sample is a tool for identifying and sampling webfonts.

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