The one about the raid

A little over a week after the release of Destiny 2 its first raid, Leviathan, opened its doors to players all around the world. KingGothalion, one of the most popular Destiny streamers on Twitch, had over 75,000 people watching him and his team take on the latest challenge in the Destiny universe.

The Destiny games are best when played together with a group of friends, but unfortunately I don’t have any friends who play Destiny 2 with the same amount of passion as I do. Instead I ventured into the raid together with my clan mates instead.

None of us knew what to expect so we spent several hours on the firs two encounters, after which it was so late so I decided to call it a night. The next day I resumed my adventure on the Leviathan and took on the remaining two encounters with some randoms I found through the Destiny Companion -application. It took a while, but in the end I managed to complete the raid and boy did it feel good to see the last boss tremble before us after all the hard work!

I promised to share the tactics that I’ve found to work the best for each encounter so that’s what I’ll do next. As it would be very tedious to go through all the encounters in one post, I decided to break the raid into six separate posts, of which this is the first one. In this post we will take a closer look at the Castellum.

When you enter the raid you arrive at the Embarkment (we will take a closer look at the Embarkment in a later post). Head straight ahead from where you enter to find the main gate and your way into the Castellum.

There are four doors in the Castellum, one for each encounter on the Leviathan. These doors can be opened one at a time by obtaining standards from the Cabal there.

On the Leviathan there are four (4) symbols that play a major role throughout the entire raid. There symbols are usually called Sun, Dog, Axes (or Blades) and Cup (or Chalice). These symbols play a major role throughout the whole raid. In this first part you’ll see them on the standards you capture.

The easiest way to obtain the standards is to divide your team into two, four (4) defenders and two (2) attackers. When the encounter is started you’ll see one of the symbols displayed in front of the door you’re trying to open. This symbol tells you where your attackers should head to find the standard bearer. Sun is located on the west side, Dog is in the middle, Axes is on the east side and Cup is on the north side of the Castellum.

Once you know where to head the attackers need to make their way to the standard bearer and take it down using Power Weapons and Supers (if necessary). When the bearer is down they can pick up the standard and bring it back to the door you’re trying to open. After that you just repeat the same two more times without losing any of the standard in the process. If you do you’ll have to get the standard again when it’s symbol comes up.

You’ll find a chest right after each door that usually contains Legendary Engrams and Shaders. Unfortunately you can only loot this chest once per week on each character.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for updates!

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