Working Our Way to the Truth

Brand Strategy Case Study for Through This Lens

It’s my distinct honor to work on a transformative project. Working with League of Creative Interventionists Fellow, Deepti Panjabi on a project titled Through This Lens has been an amazing experience.

Through This Lens is charged with creating an open and welcoming space for immigrants to share their truth. And for existing immigrants and community members to find connection through our mutual truth and humanity.

Handling the development of their brand strategy, logo, digital presence and social content have been an amazing experience. The process of going from conception to completion of a brand strategy can be linear and expansive at the same time. A mind map felt like a natural way to tell this story.

Click through the embed below to explore the process of how the brand strategy for Through This Lens emerged.

Note: You can navigate by following the numbers. Click the text icon for the dialogue. Click the element in the top left corner to go back a level.


Prior to engaging in this process, I thought I had a clear sense of the purpose of the project. Two major insights emerged. One was a silent celebration of beauty. The other was the idea that data could be used as a strength in this process. Neither of these concepts were top of mind prior to this process.
It’s exciting to think that I have a strong sounding board for most decisions that I will make. It’s not something that was on my radar prior to engaging in this conversation…I hope to use the strategy as a sounding board for all future decisions.
— Deepti Panjabi, Through This Lens is a platform that works to elevate black design through education and inspiration — follow us on instagram — and pinterest — and facebook.