How to choose the right hunting knife sharpener

flat stone sharpener

How do you sharpen your hunting knife? I know this is not very difficult to answer. But the real question is, do you think you have the perfect sharpener to sharpen your hunting knife? Let me clear which sharpener is perfect for a hunting knife and how to choose the right sharpener.

Select the right type of sharpener. Generally, there are two types of sharpener available in the market. Manual sharpener and Electric sharpener. But for a hunting knife, I would recommend you to choose a manual pocket sharpener. The reason is clear that you will not get electricity in the wood to operate the electric sharpener. Don’t be fool buying an electric sharpener for a hunting knife.

So, the Manual sharpener is like the traditional sharpener used for sharpening knife. This type of sharpener has been using for a long time. Manual sharpener comes in different size and shape including materials. Some manual sharpener comes in Diamond material some are made of flat stone and some are made of steel or rod. Each sharpener has different working efficiency.

Flat stone sharpener generally uses for sharpening small knives and easy to carry in the pocket. And the stone is made of silica. But the problem with the stone is after several uses the stone tend to wear out and lose its effectiveness. On the other hand, sharpening rod or steel is much better for frequent use. It doesn’t lose its effectiveness even after the long year of uses. If you have a machete then steel sharpener would be best for you. Machete is long in size that requires a longer sharpener.

Diamond sharpener is costly for the material used in it. Diamond sharpener is the hardest substance that makes the sharpener durable and effective. Usually Diamond bond on a metal substance. 
Besides these three sharpeners, you will find also synthetic sharpener and ceramic sharpener
Ceramic sharpener removes little metal from the knife but it is good for maintaining a good working edge. Synthetic sharpener is man-made stone sharpener that offers a quick finishing and comes in different grits and colors.

When choosing a sharpener from all these above mention sharpener types, Always check the size of the sharpener because carrying your hunting knife with a large sharpener is not perfect preparation. If you find any pocket or portable knife sharpener then grab it don’t be late to consider for buying it. And lastly, avoid the single type of sharpener.

So,Choose a sharpener that can be used both for hunting knife and kitchen knife. Select a knife sharpener that offers a various option for various knives.

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