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Guest Speaker Introduction


Q1: Could you give us a brief introduction on Huobi USDT-margined swaps?

Q2: What advantages do USDT-margined swaps have compared to coin-margined swaps? Is USDT-margined Swaps a better instrument than the existing futures?

Q3: We’re curious about why Huobi introduces USDT-margined swaps and what is its strategic position?

Q4: What are USDT-margined Swaps trading fees on Huobi Futures?

Q5: How many types of USDT-margined Swaps products have Huobi listed currently and what are they?

Q6: What are advantages of Huobi USDT-margined swaps when compared with that in other exchanges?

Q7: Are there any events to welcome the launch of USDT-margined swaps on Huobi?



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