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Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) Anniversary AMA Recap

On Dec.6, Mr. Tom Wang, COO of Huobi DM was invited for an AMA with Huobi Community.

Mr. Tom picked representative questions from Huobi community. The recap is as following :


Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) is the digital asset derivative trading platform under Huobi Group. It was officially launched on December 10 of 2018 with the aim of providing the most secure, professional and efficient crypto derivatives service. It provides global users advanced crypto instruments to offset risk in spot market and offers various investing opportunities as well as the strongest risk control & security.

There were only BTC and ETH futures available at the first,but we expanded product line quickly. Currently we offer nine kinds of delivery futures which are BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, XRP, TRX, BSV, TRX and ETC. With expiry of weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly period on each coin available, users can flexibly choose 1 multiple, 5 multiples, 10 multiples or 20 multiples. Over one-year effort, we’re now the leading crypto derivatives platform in daily volume as a whole. As for the future plan, we are planning to launch of perpetual swaps.

Before joining Huobi group, Tom Wang worked in Huawei and Thunder. He left Thunder and started his own business. He got involved in blockchain as a miner in 2015 and found it was very interesting. Now, he is COO of Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) and is responsible for operations and marketing.


Question 1: What is meant by Huobi DM? Is Huobi DM is different from Huobi Global? If yes, then what’s the difference?

Answer 1: Huobi DM is short for Huobi Derivatives Market. Huobi Global and Huobi DM are both under Huobi Group. Huobi DM is for crypto derivatives while Huobi global is for crypto spot trading.

Question 2: What are leverages provided by Huobi DM ?

Answer 2: Currently Huobi DM supports 20x leverage at most. Users can choose among 1x, 5x, 10x or 20x flexibly.

Question 3: What are basic knowledge for Huobi DM new starters? I only familiar with Spot Trading and Futures Trading is still quite new for me.

Answer 3: To start with Huobi DM, it’s recommended to understand the principles from traditional market. We have education video series for beginners to get prepared quickly.

Question 4: Is Huobi DM going to add new kinds of futures? If so, which one would that be?

Answer 4: Enriching product line is important, but recently, we have no plan for listing new futures. We’re focusing on developing perpetual swaps which is expected to come in Q1 of 2020.

Question 5: What are differences between Huobi DM and other cyrpto futures platforms?

Answer 5: All cypto derivatives platforms provide hedging, arbitrage and speculation functions, but each platform has its unique features. For differences on Huobi DM (Huobi Futures), I’d like mention two points here:

· First, currently our product line only has delivery contract, but we developed fast and maintained the leading position in the market.

· Second, we have superior risk control mechanism.

Question 5: With rapid growth, will Huobi DM ensure high security and safety as always to attract more users?

Answer 5: Security is one of the issues that we value the most. Huobi DM’s security measures inlude:

• Superior risk management: including Price Limit, Order Limit, and Position Limit.

• Superior risk control: with sophisticated price limit mechanism, no claw back has occurred since the launch of Huobi DM.

•Real-time risk supervision: constantly monitor contract prices, index prices, abnormal transactions, and positions.

•User protections: In addition to a 20,000 BTC Huobi Security Fund to protect users against catastrophic security failures, Huobi also has a dedicated Risk Management Insurance Fund for each trading pair against unfilled liquidation order losses.

Besdies, in 2019 Q3 we managed to launch instant settlements for BTC and ETH futures which requires demanding risk control mechanism. That’s really sets us apart and helps Huobi DM to grow rapidly

Question 6: Why should we choose Huobi DM ranther than other platforms?

Answer 6: As mentioned previously, we think choosing platform to trade is quiet personal. Considerations of choosing a platform include:; 2. market share and liquidity; 3. trading fees. This is what Huobi DM HAS RIGHT NOW.

Question 7: What is the future plan for Huobi DM? How does Huobi DM perform in the market now?

Answer 7:

As we mentioned before, we will launch perpetual swaps in 2020 Q1. Currently Huobi DM ranks top among derivatives platforms. The data collected from Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) API which is public.

Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) grows fast. On August 2nd, Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) outperformed delivery competitors for the first time and maintained the frist place.

Our BTC volume has also seen an rapidly increasing volume throughout the year and on November 23, it reached the new high with over $7.6 billion since launch. According to Skew data on December 2 of 2019, Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) BTC daily volume even ranked No.1 with $1.89 billion.

Question 8: Competitors are doing something similar. how come you are better from them?

Answer 8: Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) has been offering global users with 24h/7d support & point-to-point service.

What’s more, to ensure the optimum fees combined with lowest potential risk, Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) introduced series of user-friendly policies such as VIP Sharing Program and Tiered Adjustment Factor Policy to lower liquidation risks.

Grand Master Competition is also one of the highlights. These campaigns are designed for all users whether you’re professional or individual trader. The competition has attracted millions of users. Awards include Maserati Ghibli 350Hp, Antares 7 Yacht, Tesla Model 3, BMW Z4 Roaster& iPhone 11 Pro 256G.

Question 9: What functions are the most recommeded for new starters?

Answer 9: we highly recommend the data functions with liquidation data, open interest, daily volume and long/short ratio. This metrics can really help users make smart decisions while trading. You can refer to the link.

Long and Short Ratio data on Huobi DM (Huobi Futures)
Liquidation order data across the whole platform on Huobi DM (Huobi Futures)

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Huobi Futures is the leading trading platform for cryptocurrency derivatives market, which supports contracts margin trade with leverage.

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