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Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) New Year AMA Recap

Year 2020 fastly approached. On January 10, Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) hold a new year AMA together with Signal Express. This time, we invited Huobi Futures COO Mr. Wong to answer questions mostly mentioned over our community. If you have same doubts, please go through the AMA recap and get more familiar with us!

Q1: What is Houbi DM? What is the difference between Houbi and Houbi DM?

A1: Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) is one of SBUs in Huobi Group’s ecosystem. We provide digital asset derivatives service including cryptocurrency delivery contracts and perpetual swaps. Details

Q2: How many products does Huobi DM have; How many coins (tokens) does Huobi DM supports , with how many x levels ?

A2: Currently Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) only supports delivery contract and we’ll have perpetual swaps in 2020 Q1. There are 9 cryptocurrencies available (BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, BCH, XRP, TRX, BSV, ETC) with leverage of 1x, 5x, 10x and 20x.

Q3: For Trading Platforms or exchanges, Security & prevention from security breaches are very important for Users & traders as well! So, How much safe & secure Huobi DM is for Traders ?

A3: Reasons to choose #HuobiFutures

1. Security: Zero claw-back record since its launch

2. Market Share & Liquidity: Top 1 in delivery contract market

3. Service: 24h/7d support & point-to-point service.

Q4:Recently, you announced that Houbi Perpetual Contract will be launched in 2020 Q1. What does Perpetual Contract mean and how will Huobi users benefit from it?

A4:Different from deliverable contracts, perpetual swaps do not have expiry / delivery date; therefore, users can hold positions until their positions got closed or liquidated.

Q5:Why did you introduce the VIP Sharing Program and Tiered Adjustment Factor Policy ? what is the difference between both of them?

A5: VIP Sharing Program intends to lower the switching cost of other platforms’ VIP customers from joinning Huobi Futures. Tiered Adjustment Factor policy designs to help users lower the liquidation risk and possible clawback losses.

Q6:What new innovations and analytical tools Huobi DM brings to the table to make futures trading more seamless?

A6:We launched contract data function that facilitates market analysis, including Long&Short data, liquidation data, platforms position data and daily real-time turnover. Check here

Q7: Could you explain what’s use of recently launched features like IOC (Immediately or Cancel) and FOK (Fill or Kill)? How it’s beneficial for normal traders?

A7: Please refer to our article on order types explanation.

In short:

IOC helps to avoid filling a large order at an array of prices

FOK is to ensure the order is entered at a desired price, since a large order might take long to complete.

Q8:Is this a platform for professional traders? What is the effect that ordinary investors who are not trading experts can feel from using the HuobiDM platform?

A8:HuobiFutures is not a platform exclusive for professionals. Try to trade a contract with only a few dollars!However, we recommend to understand principles from traditional market. Go through education video series for beginners to prepare quickly.

Q9:Huobi has maintained a zero clawbacks so far. What exactly is zero clawbacks? What does it mean for users?

A9: ZERO-CLAWBACK ensures no additional pay due to others’ liquidation. Clawbacks will only occur when the platform’s insurance fund cannot cover the system’s total margin call losses.

Q10: I want to say thank you for extending real-time settlement service for BTC & ETH Delivery Contracts to June, 2020. However, my question is, do they have a plan making it permanent? Its gonna be awesome if it will happen.

A10: Currently Huobi DM (Huobi Futures) is the only platform on market to offer Real-time settlement. But due to the demanding requirements on risk control and the volatility, we take it seriously by prolonging the test period to June of 2020 to ensure best trading experience before permanent availability.

Q11:What are the advantages of Houbi DM over other competitors?

A11: Liquidity matters most to an exchange. On Huobi DM (Huobi Futures), we have the leading daily turnover and best market depth respectively in the nine cryptocurrencies listed. You can refer to data on CoinGecko and Skew. Besides, we keep ZERO-CLAWBACK record pledging no automatic losses to users since launch.

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Huobi Futures is the leading trading platform for cryptocurrency derivatives market, which supports contracts margin trade with leverage.

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