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Huobi Perpetual Swaps Grand Master Competition Successfully End with the Champion Win Porsche Back

On Monday this week, Huobi Perpetual Swaps Grand Master Competition ended with the champion winning Porsche back. What surprised us is that the total profit rate of the champion is 19467.16%, which is far more than the 5169.09% of the top 2, while the grades of top 2 and top 3 are much closer. From this, we can see the extraordinary strength of the champion.

Huobi Grand Master Competition can be said as an “Olympic Competition” in the field of digital asset contract trading. Being the most well-known top event in the contract trading filed, Huobi Grand Master Competition has unearthed a group of “Profit Stars” every term: the champion of the 1st Grand Master Competition won a Maserati Ghibli350Hp, the champion of the 2nd Grand Master Competition got a yacht with profit rate 8391% by using his $1 USDT giveaways, and the winners of the 3rd and 4th Grand Master Competition drove Tesla Model 3 and BMW back home respectively.

Based on the data provided by the Huobi Grand Master Competition team, there were 100,000 users enrolled in the competition. Apart from the top 20 winners from Final Ranking, the top 20 winners from 6-day Daily Ranking could also acquire up to 200HT. From the below pictures we can see their daily performance. The highest profit rates from day 1 to day 6 were 1433.97%, 986.56%, 1112.18%, 1454.28%, 855.21%, and 740.79%, with the average of which maintaining at around 1000%.

Now you may wonder how the champion could attain the profit rate of 19467.16%? Who he is and how he trades to win the Porsche back? Today we invited the champion of Huobi Perpetual Swaps Grand Master Competition, Bai Longwang, to share with us his trading experience.


Q1: Which award did you choose at last, Porsche or equivalent HT? How you will arrange the award next?

A1: I chose HT because it’s more convenient and has the potential to earn higher profits. I’m optimistic about the appreciation potential of HT. I think it won’t take long that I can use these HT to buy Rolls-Royce.

Q2: The 194x profit mainly comes from luck or your strength this time? From the result of the competition, your profit is nearly 4 times the profit of the second place. Can you share with us your core trading strategy?

A2: Trading techniques I think. The competition rule stresses that the trader cannot act as both the buyer and the seller of the contract, but the excellent liquidity of Huobi Futures provides much convenience for trading, making the prices on the market can quickly be synchronized to Huobi perpetual swaps. Huobi achieves well in this regard and is a gorgeous platform that nicely supports my trading techniques. Well, as for core strategy, that is 125x leverage + compounding.

(Note: Compounding is the process in which an asset’s earnings, from either capital gains or interest, are reinvested to generate additional earnings over time.)

Q3: I’ve heard that this is not the first time you join Huobi Grand Master Competition, then how was your previous performance? Is there any difference from the previous one to this one? Any help for you from previous experience?

A3: I had participated in the 1st Grand Master Competition. At that time, due to my misunderstanding of the rules, though I was on the list, I didn’t get a good ranking. For the 1st Grand Master Competition, the final result depends on the accumulation of the price differences between the highest price and the lowest price, while this time the result is based on the cumulative profit. Besides, the 1st Grand Master Competition requires writing trading strategies by programming, while this time it needs more subjective trading experience.

Joining in the competition is an opportunity to learn and make progress. To avoid misunderstanding of rules, I read the competition rules many times and confirmed with the customer service about whether the order quantity limit of daily ranking will affect my final ranking.

Q4: During the 6-day competition, you’ve traded 64 times with average 13 times per day. Which day has the largest profit fluctuation and the operation on which day is most critical?

A4: I seldom care about the activity announcements. I joined the competition on the second day after I saw guys in the WeChat group were talking about the ranking. I traded about 20 transactions per day with 125x leverage. My daily average profit rate was 200%, which was behind the top 20 and had no great fluctuation. The last-day operation was most critical because I was afraid to be surpassed by the competitors.

Q5: Could you share with us which swaps you traded in the competition and why you chose them?

A5: I traded all specified swaps but finally chose BTC swaps. Though the price fluctuation of BTC swaps was relatively small, its liquidity was the best and supports 125x leverage. Therefore, I can make the most of the rule on the daily order quantity limit.

Q6: Apart from the trading experience, we also want to know more about yourself. Can you briefly introduce your personal experience in the contract market?

A: I like speculative affairs. I knew the concept of digital currency in 2013 and began contract trading from early 2014. I won the champion of a contract trading volume competition at the end of 2014 and I’ve been relatively active in the community for seven years.

Q7: What factors you usually consider when you’re trading? How do you predict the market trend?

A7: I didn’t know much about the K-line. I usually pay attention to the token volume change in the wallet of various exchanges. For example, Huobi Wallet has 325,700 BTC, which is the highest among all derivatives exchanges (data from I also take factors like the volume of long/short positions into consideration

Q8: How you feel about this Huobi Perpetual Swaps Grand Master Competition? Could you provide some advice to Huobi?

A8: It’s almost the same as I imagined. The low threshold of the event allows traders at various levels to join in the competition. It is the most well-known event in the industry that we can maximally enjoy trading here.

Q9: As the champion of the 5th Grand Master Competition and the creator of 194x profit, do you have anything want to say to us?

A9: Everything is possible on Huobi Futures. 194x profit is the result of 64 BTC swaps transaction plus compounding. It’s not that difficult. Everyone can do it on Huobi Futures, the №1 derivatives platform in the industry.

Q10: Options will go live on Huobi Futures soon. What’s the position of Options in your trading portfolio?

A10: Options can earn unlimited profits at a fixed cost. We can trade options when we predict that the price will fluctuate violently. Traders who only want to invest in what they can afford can choose Options.

Don’t want to miss a good chance to join the next Grand Master Competition?

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