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Huobi x AKRO AMA was a great success!

In the first section, we had the introduction of Yana Marakhonova and Kate Kurbanova and AKRO project:

Yana, Community Lead

Yana Marakhonova is a young blockchain and crypto enthusiast. She has been managing different crypto communities for over 3 years now. Yana has an extraordinary and insightful vision of the community ecosystem — crypto communities consist of people from all spheres, with different interests and stories behind them. She is leading community initiatives at Akropolis.

Kate, Co-founder of Akropolis

Before crypto, Kate Kurbanova was a stock trader on traditional markets, having joined one fintech startup (Cindicator) in 2016 as Head of Analytics. She was one of the authors of the Cindicator white paper and token model. Then, in May 2018, Kate joined Akropolis as a co-founder, where she is leading the operations and Delphi product development.

As a project, Akropoli's mission is to give people the tools to save, grow, and provision for the future safely and without dependence on geography, a central counterparty, or falling prey to predatorial financial practices of multiple intermediaries.

With that in mind, Akropolis has built AkropolisOS, light and modular framework for creating for-profit DAOs, with customizable user incentives, automated liquidity provision enabled by the bonding curve mechanism, and programmatic liquidity and treasury management.

Our first product, Sparta, allows taking undercollateralized loans (borrower provides only 50% of collateral), as well as to passively generate yield via integrated yield rebalance to get maximum available APR from different DeFi protocols. All funds are pooled, and the internal economy is based on a bonding curve, which provides additional incentives to the users.

Another product we’re developing is Delphi, a pool that allows executing automatic dollar-cost averaging into BTC&ETH (thus diversifying long-term investment portfolio) and participating in different yield harvesting (liquidity mining) possibilities (earning COMP, BAL, etc passively).

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In the second section, Yana and Kate answered questions from the community and shared their insightful opinions with users.

1. Is Delphi going to be a DCA platform? what is the minimum daily investment plan? When will this platform go live??

The best way of think about Delphi is a platform for synthetic savings and high-yield investment accounts. DCA is just a way to regularly allocate capital to various high-yield opportunities. We don’t have a minimum limit but gas costs will naturally dictate what min amount makes sense

2. Does the implementation of ADEL tokens besides existing AKRO tokens reduce the use cases of the AKRO tokens or are they in some sort of way complementary to each other?

They absolutely are complementary. As one of the smartest minds in crypto summarized for us, think of AKRO as an exchange/platform token and ADEL as a project token. It enables us not maintain AKRO with no inflation, as fixed supply, and rewards a new wave of users.

3. We seen many projects that claim they are fully Decentralized. But they did their work in a Centralized way. How can we sure that AKRO is fully Decentralized? Can you please tell us what’s AKRO working method?

We don’t necessarily believe full decentralization from day 1 is a productive path if you are aiming at quickly developing a PMF. We will drive our PMF with strong input from the community and will decentralize gradually. We will present our roadmap to decentralization in due course — follow us on social media & wait for updates

4. I’m a white-hat hacker on the internet, do you think the AKRO system is secure enough from hackers? Does your project have a program that rewards individual vulnerability detection of the system?

Smart contract security is an evolving field. We have a bounty program, which you’re very welcome to participate in (here is the link Please reach out to for any questions. We’re also rolling our with Guarded launch approach — thoroughly testing everything & rolling out updates with restrictions & caps first. This all with 2 ongoing audits

5. DeFi is your focus, what problems are in DeFi that you want to solve? Why do you think DeFi needs you, after all there are many other DeFi projects out there?

We have been building DeFi products before DeFi became as popular as it is now. On the low-interest-rate environment and with lack of confidence in institutions, alternative sources of yield and credit will become incredibly important. This is what we aim to deliver.

You can see how we differ from other projects if you check our website — Sparta has undercollateralized lending available, while Delphi will allow simple yield-farming & dollar-cost averaging into assets

6. Can you briefly explain how the Top milestones that the AKRO team aims to execute before the end of this year or going to execute in the future, will help them succeed and What AKRO may look like in 2020 and beyond?

Our roadmap is public here.

If to be more specific:

1) Delphi unrestricted launch and Sparta v2 release.

2) Further work on improvements and enhancements after launch — both UI/UX and new features/updates, like gas optimization (to reduce gas costs), adding a “DCA out” feature to Delphi, and risk scoring solutions for Sparta

3) Of course different integrations but I won’t tell much about it rn — stay tuned for announcements!

Our intention is to create a place where people can access yield and credit without dependence on traditional institutions.

7. Adoption is one of the most important factors that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus on to be more substanially in the investor's Eyes. Can you tell me what Akro has done and plan to do to achieve adoption in reality, real use cases, our real society?

These things that slow adoption of a lot of projects comes to mind:

- cumbersome UI/UX where the user does not understand what to do at all

- another one is lack of time/lack of resources to understand the underlying tech — thus missing on a lot of opportunities.

- the crypto sphere is still nascent — so a lot of different solutions are yet to be built to make it easy for average people

We’re building our products with all of this in mind — putting a lot of work into making user life easier — be it UI/UX, automated DCA/farming, etc & constantly monitoring the sphere for new solutions & updates to integrate into our products.

8. What is the difference between Sparta and Delphi? Do you develop these 2 streams separately? Or do they go together in Akropolis? The development team is the same?

Sparta is yield generating (coming soon) & undercollaterlased lending platform. Design comes from informal groups (roscas, broodfonds) existing for a long time in real-world — where people save together & give loans when someone in the group needs it.

Delphi is yield generating & yield farming & DCA platform — where you can make a deposit & passively generate DeFI yield & passively farm tokens on top of it. It simplifies current DeFi & farming strategies by a lot for non-techy users, and automated dollar-cost averaging (with yield & farming) is a cherry on top

Both products are developed on AkropolisOS — a framework for setting up for-profit DAOs with complex business logic that our team built. And all products are developed by some people. Everything goes together — and we will be sharing more updates about how they will coexist & interact with each other in future

9. How do you plan to explain such technical topics to a wider audience? How do you plan to show the world that your product is not just another useless blockchain solution to a non-existing problem?

Well, for starters we’re not building our own blockchain, our development is on Ethereum right now haha

As to explaining tech topic — we’re building products that simplify them for end-users, and will further work on making interfaces as simple & understandable as the sphere allows right now. We will also be working on user-friendly FAQs — and as we’re online almost 24/7, anyone is welcome to hop into our Telegram or Discord to ask questions if they have them

10. What’s AkropolisOS and how it will help developers to efficiently build DAO/DeFi apps? How is AkropolisOS better than the existing solution built on AragonOS ? & what are the advantages of choosing AkropolisOS?

AkropolisOS is a light and modular framework for setting up for-profit DAOs, with customizable user incentives, automated liquidity provision, and treasure management. If we’re to compare it to AragonOS or other DAO frameworks — AkropolisOS is aimed at developers, not end-users per se. In the case of Aragon et al, users without programming skills can set up simple DAOs, but adding new functionality/logic will be hard (even for developers). With AkropolisOS, users/developers can build DAOs with complex business logic and upgrade/add new functionality as it evolves based on their needs — in a secure and simple way, just by adding new modules to the product.

We are also looking into simplifying it for non-techy users — but more on this in future updates.

Join our official Telegram and stay tuned for the next AMA!

Risk Reminder:

1. Trading in digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Users should be fully aware of the risks associated with digital asset trading and make prudent trading decisions.

2. Huobi Global’s announcements and information do not constitute investment advice, and Huobi will not bear responsibility or provide compensation for direct or indirect losses arising from trading decisions whilst relying on this information.




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