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Begin your CUBE journey with Huobi Global today

The current crypto market may be sluggish, but the entire crypto and blockchain industry continues to thrive, with a significant number of new users and projects entering the space. The negative market sentiment and downfall of high-profile projects has, in fact, led to people appreciating the value of high-quality projects more so than ever. And one such high quality project is CUBE, an upstart that promises to spearhead development in the blockchain industry.

Cube’s entrance into the blockchain world has without a doubt proven itself as a silver lining amid current bearish sentiments. Not only has the price of Cube’s token (CUBE) increased from 0.3 USDT on its launch day to 15 USDT, a 50-time increase, in just seven days, the testnet addresses also exceeded 1,500,000 and the number of on-chain transactions has exceeded 200,000 since its launch.

What is Cube, and what are the factors behind its success?

🔹What is Cube ?

Cube Chain is a high-performance, modular Layer 1 blockchain that is compatible with the EVM and Cosmos ecosystem. Cube supports a multi-chain and interoperable feature through its multi-chain framework and Web 3.0 infrastructure.

Cube is designed to break through the blockchain trilemma of decentralization, scalability and security and provide users with a similar experience to Web2 in terms of speed and cost, with optimized BFT consensus and rollup technology. In addition, it enables users to interact with multichain dApps with one click due to its integration with the Cosmos ecosystem.

🔹Who has invested in Cube?

Huobi Global, Republic, Emirates Consortium, Struck Crypto, Synergis

🔹Why Cube network?

From a developers point of view,

  1. Cube Network is fully compatible with the Ethereum protocol, EVM, and Cosmos systems, supporting seamless migration of applications and projects within the ecosystem;
  2. Cube Network can realize high TPS with optimized BFT consensus and rollup method. For instance, Ethereum takes about 10 minutes to complete a transaction during peak periods, and gas fees could reach several hundreds of dollars. However, Cube can process about 3000 transactions per second and this number is expected to surpass 5,000 by the end of September this year. The data availability requirements of Rollup and NFT ensure an efficient and reliable full-stack solution for the development of Web3
  3. Developers can enjoy upgraded development experience with Golang and Solidity.

From users’ view, Cube network charges low gas fees and is capable of a maximum of 5,000 TPS; users can use multichain dApps with just one click.

🔹How to deposit CUBE using your Huobi account?

Method 1: Purchase CUBE assets through spot trading

If you haven’t purchased CUBE assets before, you can buy CUBE assets directly at the spot trading venue.

Step 1: Log in to your Huobi account;

Step 2: Click “Spot trading” on the navigation bar;

Step 3: Search “CUBE” and enter the amount you’d like to buy; Trading Pair

Step 4: Check your balance, it will be delivered into your exchange account.

Already have CUBE in your iToken or MetaMask wallet?

Read below on how to transfer them to Huobi

🔹 Method 2: Deposit CUBE to your Huobi account

Taking the Huobi Pro App as an example. You can follow the steps below to deposit CUBE assets into your Huobi account.

1. Open the Huobi Pro App (click to download APP) and login to your personal account;

2. Click “Assets” at the bottom navigation;

3. Click “Deposit” and enter “CUBE” in the search bar;

4. Choose “CUBE” as the deposit network to get the deposit address of CUBE.

5. Click the “Copy Address” button and open your iToken or Metamask wallet;

6. Select CUBE asset and paste the deposit address you just copied;

7. Enter the amount you would like to send;

8. Click “Next” and check if they have been transferred to your Huobi app!

Regardless of market conditions, choosing a high quality project to invest in is the first step toward reaping profits. Set up your wallet and begin your CUBE deposit with Huobi today.

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Risk Reminder: Trading digital assets comes with high risks due to significant price volatility. Please fully understand all the risks and make prudent decisions before trading.



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