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Enjoy Diverse Wealth Opportunities Post Ethereum Merge With Huobi Global!

The Ethereum Mainnet successfully completed the long-anticipated Merge on September 15, 2022 (at the block height of 15537393), and its consensus mechanism has officially shifted from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (Stake).

This shift in consensus mechanism, however, has not curbed the enthusiasm of PoWminers, resulting in two Ethereum hard forks that continue to use PoW, and their corresponding tokens — ETHW and ETF.

Learn about what Proof of Stake is here!

With respect to the support given to ETHW and ETF by communities and users, , Huobi Global, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has launched trading pairs for both ETHW and ETF alongside exciting events involving the two forked tokens.

Let’s find out how users can seize profit-earning opportunities during these events.

🟢ETH trading Competition

Spot and grid trading available for the ETF/USDT trading pair was launched at 07:00 on September 16 2022. And an ETH trading competition will be held on the platform between September 17 to September 20 2022.

Users who spot trade ETF during the campaign period are eligible for a share of the 30,000 ETF prize pool based on their spot trading volumes.

Deposit ETF to share 30,000 ETF prize pool

Users who are bullish about ETF’s future and wish to hold the token for the longer term can profit via the ETF deposit event. From September 17 to 20 2022, users who deposit ETF into their Huobi Global accounts from other platforms stand to share a prize pool totaling 30,000 ETF according to their net deposit (= deposit — withdrawal) volumes.

🟢Predict ETF’s Price

Users who prefer to neither trade nor hold ETF also stand the chance to profit from the Merge simply by predicting the ETF’s price.

Huobi Global’s Predict ETF’s Price activity, held from September 18 to 21 2022, provides participants with the chance to share the 100,000 USDT Prize Pool.

There will be 6 prediction rounds each day, with each round lasting 4 hours. In each round, participants will guess the closing price (in USDT) of ETF at 21:00 (UTC), 01:00 (UTC), 05:00 (UTC), 09:00 (UTC), 13:00 (UTC) and 17:00 (UTC) for the day. (ETF closing price is determined by the 1-minute ETF/USDT candlestick chart on Huobi ).

There are 3 prize categories in this event: Jackpot Prize, Participation Prize and Lucky Star Prize.

Jackpot Prize requirements: The daily prize pool will begin with an initial value, and the prize pool amount will increase in proportion to the number of participants. The final amount of each round’s prize pool depends on the number of participants in the round. The greater the number of participants, the larger the prize pool will be! The three lucky users who correctly predict ETF’s closing price will win a share of the round’s Jackpot Prize.

Participation Prize requirements: In each round, the 4th-153rd users whose predictions e closest to the ETF closing price for the round will win a share of the prize pool.

Lucky Star Prize requirements: After the start of each round, if no price predictions are submitted within 30 minutes during the prediction period, the last user who makes a prediction before the 30 minute-period will be eligible for the Lucky Star Prize worth 50 USDT. If there are multiple users eligible for the Lucky Star Prize in a round, the first eligible user will be declared the winner.

🟢ETHW Trading Competition

Users who have faith in ETHW also stand a chance to win. Huobi Global is holding the ETHW trading competition, which lasts from September 15 to 21 2022. .Users who trade ETHW (spot trading) during the campaign period are eligible for a share of a 10,000 USDT prize pool based on their spot trading volumes.

The top ranked user will win 1,000 USDT while the second ranked user will receive 800 USDT.

🟢Come trade ETF and ETHW on Huobi Global today!



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