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[Exclusive] Make a Move With Up To 700 USDT Welcome Bonus!

The Fed’s hawkish monetary policy decisions, new waves of COVID-19 infections, soaring commodity prices, and the de-pegging of TerraUSD (UST), the world’s third-largest stablecoin by market cap, among other destabilizing circumstances, has led the status of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency to come under massive strain.

Such instability has led exchanges such as Huobi Global to offer users an alternative investment option, in the form of a welcome bonus campaign, where users stand to win rewards worth up to 700 USDT. Read on to find out how to participate and obtain such lucrative benefits!


  1. Sign up on Huobi Global

2. Deposit 5 USDT or more into your Huobi account (in one deposit)

3. Trade at least 100 USDT or more (spot trading)

EXTRA BONUS: WIN an extra 90,000 SHIB in bonuses awaits each whom complete the task!


  1. A stored value card valued at 290 USDT (The stored value card can be used for the deduction of transaction fees);
  2. A 20% Huobi Earn APY booster coupon (The coupon can be used for a 30-day deposit plan with the total amount capped at 10,000 USDT.)

🔹Join by;

1.Log in to the Huobi Global mobile APP (download APP);

2.Complete ID verification;

3.Click “Rewards Hub” on the homepage.

4.Complete the designated tasks and gain rewards. (Complete the tasks within 24 hours to obtain DOUBLE rewards)

🔹 Click here to join Huobi and claim your 700 USDT welcome bonus!

🔹Stay tuned for updates on all things Huobi and crypto by following us on: Twitter 🤝Telegram🤝 Discord

*700USDT bonus is paid in a variety of rewards including: crypto, point cards, and other rewards depending on your action within your sign-up process. All rewards are only claimed with full guidelines of the program to ensure proper regulations based on a variety of items. These items may consist of country among other conditions.




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