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Four Easy-to-Use Features You Need to Know to Start Your Trading on Huobi Futures

Markets for cryptocurrency derivatives have exploded in recent years. As one of the largest crypto derivatives trading platforms, Huobi Futures reveals over $2.3 trillion trading volume in derivatives over the course of 2020 — averaging $6.3 billion daily volumes.

In order to provide users with more user-friendly services and further facilitate their trading, the platform has introduced a series of features that could help users to make more advanced strategies while saving their time cost. For those who are new to these functions, this article will help explain them in detail.

🔹 1. Trailing Stop

A Trailing Stop Order allows you to place a preset order when larger callbacks occur. This can always be used for buying when the market rebounds from the bottom or selling when the market falls back from a high point.

If the market price of a contract meets the activation price and the callback rate set by a user, the strategy will be triggered to place a limit order by using the preset price (optimal N or formula price).

You can decide the activation price and callback rates to trigger whenever the price rebounds.

If you foresee the BTC/USDT swaps to drop below $10,000 USDT and the prices could rebound somewhere below $9,000 USDT, you can set a callback rate of 2% and an activation price of $9,000 USDT, meaning it can automatically start buying when the price rebounds 2%.

Because of this, if, in the above scenario, the price drops to $8,800 (lower than the activation price) and rebounds to $8,976 (a 2% rebound), the system will help you automatically create a buy order of 100 contracts, thus ensuring that profit margin.

See full guidance here.

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🔹 2. Switchable Leverage When Holding Positions

Before the new feature launched on Huobi Futures, many investors feel troubled when they want to switch leverage when holding positions because they are required to close the existing position first and before adjusting leverage.

After the launch of the new function “Switchable Leverage When Holding Positions”, users can switch leverage without closing positions first as long as there are no open orders. This function is supported by Coin-margined Futures and Coin-margined Swaps.

See full guidance here.

🔹 3. Take-profit and Stop-loss

Both stop loss and take profit orders are basically you as a trader to decide when to close your trades.

You can set a stop-loss order based on how much you’re willing to risk with your trade, or a take-profit order according to how much you’re willing to make as a profit with one transaction and close it once you’re happy with the amount.

Huobi Futures allows users to set stop loss and take profit orders when opening a position or for an existing position. Both stop loss and take profit options may seem very easy at one glance, but require studying and experience.

See full guidance here.

🔹 4. “Follow a Maker” and “Taker”

“Follow a Maker” and “Taker” functions allow you to place a limit order by selecting a price from the order book. For “Follow a Maker”, the system defaults to the “Post Only” mechanism, ensuring that the order will not be filled with an existing order.

With the “Taker” function, you can select “IOC” or “FOK” to ensure the order will be instantly filled, or be cancelled immediately if the order cannot be filled in its entirety.

After the function is enabled, you can click the “Open” or “Close” button to switch between opening and closing positions. There are also order placing methods and order amounts available to be set.

See full guidance here.

In addition to the above features, there are also some advanced tools such as grid trading, locked margin mechanism launched for offering users an enjoyable trading experience. Amid the celebrations of Huobi’s 8th Founding Anniversary, Huobi Futures also initiates some campaigns to give back to its community. Starting from Nov 19 to Nov 25, users whose daily trading volume of Coin-margined Futures, Coin-margined Swaps or USDT-Margined Swaps reach 500 USDT will be able to share a $50,000 USDT prize pool based on the number of qualified trading days.

What’s more, users can trade IMX, CELR, MINA and CTSI USDT-margined swaps that are newly listed on Huobi Futures to share a 40,000 USDT prize pool.

$40,000 prize pool — Trade Swaps Today!

🔹 Happy trading on Huobi Futures!

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