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Happy Mother’s Day — Plan B Contest!

Celebrate Mother’s Day and be featured on the next Huobi Podcast!

It’s Mother’s Day! Today’s the day we celebrate those women who love us unconditionally, who feed and take care of us, clean up after us, nag us to do all sorts of things, complain we’re not listening… but they only do it out of love!

Hopefully, you planned your mother’s day treats and gifts days, if not weeks, ago. But for those of you who just plain forget, and are looking for ways to make this Mother’s Day a bit different from the past — we recommend discussing plan B.

What is Plan B?

Plan B is known for Bitcoin as an alternative method to the traditional financial market.

Below are the recommended steps to educate her during this holiday:

Step 1:

Videos are the easiest way to talk about Bitcoin. So we recommend watching our Blockchain 101 series here together.

Step 2:

Next, you can give her some bitcoin as part of her Mother’s Day gift and explain how to send and receive bitcoin. You will need to deposit a minimum of at least 0.001 BTC or it will not show up on your account balance.

You can set up an account for her on Huobi by clicking this link.

Ensure she knows her username and password.

Step 3:

We recommend you make this a reoccurring event every Monther’s Day so it’s a topic of conversation and that she will tell her friends about it. Each holiday you can talk about something that both you and she have a “stake” in because now you are officially part of Plan B.

Step 4:

If you have time — you can also explain how she can cash out her Bitcoin into local currency. Remember — Huobi OTC will allow you to sell it P2P. You can access our Huobi OTC here.

Local currencies accepted are below:

How to be featured on the next Huobi Podcast?

If your Mother joins Huobi Nation you will be entered into a drawing to be featured on the next podcast!

Send a picture of you and your mother’s day loved one to Title the e-mail, Mother’s Day - Plan B!

I hope this helps create a connection and let’s help strive to create adoption!

Risk Reminder:

1. Trading in digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Users should be fully aware of the risks associated with digital asset trading and make prudent trading decisions.

2. Huobi Global’s announcements and information do not constitute investment advice, and Huobi will not bear responsibility or provide compensation for direct or indirect losses arising from trading decisions whilst relying on this information.



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