How to Buy Pepe (PEPE) Guide

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2 min readMay 15


Huobi offers many options where you can buy all different types of crypto within spot and futures trading. You can easily buy Pepe (PEPE) with the lowest fees and highest security anywhere Huobi is available. Learn how to buy Pepe (PEPE) within the Huobi ecosystem right now.

🔹1. Join Huobi

Register on the Desktop with phone number and e-mail address

Register on the Huobi APP

🔹2. Decide how you want to buy PEPE

Use Quick Buy with Credit or Debit Card to buy USDT

Use P2P to buy USDT within our peer-to-peer trading

Have USDT? Deposit USDT here

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🔹3. Use USDT to Buy PEPE on Huobi

Buy PEPE using Huobi Spot exchange

Trade PEPE on Huobi Futures

🔹4. Store or use your Pepe (PEPE) on Huobi

Now that you bought your crypto, you can store it on Huobi or transfer it to your own personal cryptocurrency wallet. If you have cryptocurrency and want to earn staking rewards make sure to check out Huobi Earn to see if we support staking from the cryptocurrency of your choice.

This completes the three step tutorial on how to buy pepecoin (PEPE) on Huobi. Make sure to join our social channels below to stay updated with all things in crypto and Huobi.

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