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How to Collect Huobi 8th Anniversary Badge and Share 120,000 USDT!

Huobi Group today announced the launch of its 8th founding anniversary celebrations. Continuing until late November, a series of events and initiatives will be held to celebrate this major milestone. As part of these celebrations, Huobi Futures holds a Badge Collection event and gives away 120,000 USDT in prizes. This article will explain how to participate in the 8th anniversary badge collection event and grab rewards.

🔹Enter the event page:

  • Website: visit and click the “Collect Huobi 8th Anniversary Badge to Win 120,000 USDT” banner on the homepage.
  • Huobi Global APP: click “Badge Collection” on the homepage or click the banner mentioned above.

Campaign Period: 11:00 on Nov. 3–16:00 on Nov. 18, 2021 (London time)

🔹How to Participate?

Step 1: Log in to your Huobi account;

Step 2: Complete the tasks below to get lucky draws for badge blocks.

*Designated Derivatives: USDT-margined Swaps, Coin-margined Futures and Coin-margined Swaps

*If the total number of the badge blocks for two users is the same, users will be ranked by the acquisition time of their last badge. The earlier the acquisition time, the higher the rank.

*USDT:USD=1:1; Users can select a certain type of designated derivatives to complete the daily contract trading task while the trading volume of different derivatives will not be counted together.


  1. Users who collect all five blocks labeled with “H”, “U”, “O”, “B” and “I” letters will acquire a Huobi 8th Anniversary badge and equally share a prize pool of 100,000 USDT.
  2. To celebrate Huobi’s 8th Anniversary, users can receive an “H” block upon the first login to the event page.
  3. Participants will be ranked by the number of Huobi 8th Anniversary Badges after the campaign ends and the top 50 users will be rewarded as below:


Q1: How to complete an invitation task?

  1. Open Huobi Global APP;
  2. Tap on the portrait icon on the upper left corner;
  3. Share the invitation link/code/poster for your friends to register for a Huobi account.

Q2: Can I use my sub-account to join in the campaign?

Only master accounts are qualified to join in the campaign.

Q3: When can I receive my rewards?

HT rewards will be distributed to your exchange account and USDT rewards will be delivered to your USDT-margined swaps account within 7 business days after the campaign ends. If your USDT-margined swaps account has not been activated, you will be regarded as giving up the rewards.

Q4: How often will the data be updated?

Except for the contract activation task, contract trading data will be updated every hour and the spot trading data will be updated every two hours.

Q5: Will the volume of all trading pairs be counted for spot trading?

Spot trading volume of all available pairs will be counted, except for USDC/USDT, PAX/USDT, USDC/HUSD, USDT/HUSD, TUSD/HUSD, PAX/HUSD, DAI/USDT and DAI/HUSD.

Q6: When should I use all of the chances of lucky draws?

The campaign will end at 15:00 (UTC) on Nov 18, 2021 and the number of unused draws will be cleared at 3:00 (UTC) on Nov 19, 2021. Please make sure the remaining number of draws are used up before clearing.

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*Users in Japan, Cuba, Iran, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, the United States of America and its overseas territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands), Canada and Singapore are not allowed to participate in this campaign.



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