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How to Participate in the Derivatives Master Trading Contest and Share Rewards Valued at 100k?

Huobi Futures, the world’s leading digital asset exchanges, announced the launch of its Derivatives Master Trading Contest this Monday, which aims to encourage users to hedge risk in the current turbulent market. The event is one of many promotions under Huobi’s International Women’s Day campaign, which also includes Primebox and PrimeEarn events to celebrate the festival.

From March 7–13, you can participate in a series of events under the Contest area to win a share of the rewards valued at 100,000 USDT in aggregate.

Read below to learn how to win rewards!

🔹Event 1: Sign up to grab 40,000 USDT of rewards!

📅 When: 20:00 on March 7–16:00 on March 8, 2022 (UTC+8)

How to participate:

$100,000 Contract Master Overview

3. Click the registration button on the event page to join:

3. Win a 2 USDT trial bonus for futures trading.

Please note that the trial bonus you obtain can be used for Event 2, so you will be able to win big prizes with zero cost by using this trial bonus. There are 20,000 rewards in total that will be distributed first come, first served!

🔹Event 2: Trade USDT-margined contracts to share $60,000 in rewards

📅When: 16:00 on March 8–16:00 on March 13, 2022 (UTC+8)

How to participate:

2. Click the register button on the event page and complete to join.


Rewards for daily ranking and total ranking are listed below:

(The total PnL ratio will be calculated from 8:00 am (UTC) on March 8 to 8:00 am (UTC) on March 13)
(The daily PnL ratio will be calculated from 8:00 am (UTC) on the previous day to 8:00 am (UTC) on the current day; the daily ranking updates every hour. )

🔹How to calculate your PnL ratio?

Daily PnL ratio and total PnL ratio will be calculated using the same formula:

PnL Ratio= {[The user’s account equity at the end of this campaign — (Transfer-in amount during the campaign — Transfer-out amount during the campaign) — Initial equity]/ (Initial equity + Transfer-in amount during the campaign)} * 100%.

Please note that if you miss the chance to join Event 1, you can still register for Event 2 and earn trading rewards. The trail bonus will be delivered to your cross margin account of USDT-margined contracts and be valid for 7 days. For more details about the trial bonus, click here.

If you win rewards from Event 2, you’ll have to claim your rewards at the [Ranking History] section on the event page before 7:59 (UTC) on March 14, 2022. For more details about the rules, click here.

“Master Trading Contest” is a campaign held not only for professional traders, but also regular users who favor futures trading.

👉Trade now to share $100,000 in rewards! 👈

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