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HT Burn Completed | Huobi Reveals 266,000 HT Burned in November !

Since the launch of our HT empowerment plan, we have been continuously growing with the support of the community. By aligning itself with industry leaders, Huobi is well positioned to make our HT burning mechanism more transparent and refined. More importantly, this report shows that we are constantly reforming HT and growing with the help of the community.

🔹What is HT?

If you would like to know more about Huobi Token please visit our Huobi Learn article here.

🔹How much HT did we burn November?

In November 2022, the number of HT burned by Huobi was 266,000 (approx 1,782,000 USDT), up 15.94% compared to October. As of December 15, 2022, the total number of HT burned by Huobi has reached 296.02 million.

🔹 How do we determine the amount of HT to be burned?

Huobi allocates 20% of its revenue to burn HT. This revenue includes the following: trading fees from spot, futures, and OTC trading, as well as coin conversion. To add, interest on isolated margin loans, cross margin loans, margin trading ,and OTC loans are also included. Lastly, withdrawal fees are also calculated in the revenue to determine the total amount of HT to be destroyed.

🔹 How often is HT burned?

We will burn HT quarterly rather than monthly and disclose details to the public regularly, as a part of our efforts to continuously improve the openness and transparency of HT burn.

This completes our overview of the most recent Huobi Token burn. Join our social channels below to stay updated with the latest information:

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