Huobi PrimePool #4 Launches With $300,000 ACS Locking Rewards!

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3 min readMay 25


Huobi , your gateway to web3 crypto exchange, announced last Monday the launch of Primepool, a digital asset mining platform that aims at offering you an easy and convenient method to participate in the ecological development of the new-listing projects.

You can participate in the asset-locking activities and gain rewards through staking designated assets on Primepool. This article will show you how to participate in this event to get your share of $300,000 USDT worth of ACS.


🔹What is Huobi Primepool #4?

Huobi will launch the fourth round of PrimePool on May 24, 2023, where participants stand to share awesome rewards by locking their HT or USDD. Once you lock your tokens you will receive rewards in our newest Huobi listing project Access Protocol.

Access Protocol (ACS) is a standardized media monetization ecosystems that incentivizes users to consume content over time. Existing partners monetizing with Access include CoinGecko, The Block, CryptoSlate, Crypto-Times, DeSpread and more.

Learn more about Access Protocol

🔹Event Period & Minimum Requirements

The Primepool event last till June 7th and the minimum about of tokens you must lock are 100 for HT, 300 for USDD. The locking duration is below for your reference.

PrimePool (HT): 12:00 on May 24 — 12:00 on May 31 (UTC)

PrimePool (USDD): 12:00 on May 31– 12:00 on June 7 (UTC)


The rewards for the event are in ACS token. The amount of the hourly reward you receive is subject to the actual amount of HT or USDD you locked for an hour. Tier factors for calculating the effective locked amount.

Complete PrimePool reward calcuations are here.

🔹How can you participate in PrimePool?

  1. Sign up for a Huobi account

2. Buy a minimum of 100 HT or 300 USDD within the following ways:

If you already have your HT | USDD skip to step 3 to lock up your tokens for Huobi PrimePool 4.

3. Lock HT | USDD on Huobi PrimePool event page .

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