Huobi Prime’s 2nd launch Show Us Your Moves Contest!

Want to win your share of 400,000 NEW tokens?

Enter Huobi Prime’s 2nd launch Show Us Your Moves contest!

Did you participate in Huobi Prime’s 2nd launch?

Huobi Global + Huobi Prime is launching a Show Us Your Moves contest. You should show off your NEW tokens and provide valuable feedback to the community.

How to participate:

1) Take a picture of your NEW tokens on*

2) Type your UID + share your tips

For example, UID: XXXXXXX, I bought 30,000 NEW tokens on the second round by not giving up and kept trying to buy. I was able to buy NEW tokens on the second attempt! One tip I can have is to slide the slider as soon as possible in order to ensure participation.

3) #HuobiPrime + #NewtonProject

4) Post it to your social media

5) Follow @HuobiGlobal + @newton_project

6) Submit your UID + link to your social media post:

*As a reminder please conceal any confidential information other than how many NEW tokens you have purchased on Huobi Prime.

Winning Criteria:

(4–16) Five winners will be selected by the details and tips they provide to the community about how they were able to successfully buy NEW tokens.

(4–17) Five winners will be selected by the amount of comments, shares, likes.

300 winners will be selected just by participating in the contest.


Top 10 winners will receive 10,000 NEW tokens each and notified via private message.

300 winners will receive 1,000 NEW tokens each and will be automatically airdropped to your account.


Winners will be chosen at Huobi’s discretion. The judges’ decision will be final. Huobi reserves the right to modify the contest should it be necessary. Winners have to provide their UID within 3 days, otherwise it will be forfeited. Your account needs to be KYC certified. Huobi does not represent or endorse the views shared by users and will verify the social media account matches the UID submitted.