Huobi Pro Launch Decentralized Blockchain Asset Exchange Projects with Airswap, Kyber, and 0x Project

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Nov 1, 2017 · 3 min read
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On Nov. 1st, well-known blockchain projects featured as decentralized assettransaction, namely Airswap(AST), Kyber(KNC)and 0x(ZRX) will officially launch token trades against BTC on Huobi Pro.

Compared to traditional centralized exchange platforms, decentralized exchange projects have made great progresses on open-sourcing and user privacy. With time and advancement in the blockchain development, these projects will attracted more users and attention in the industry. As a representative of the long-time platforms, EtherDelta has seen a thousand-fold increase in its daily trading volume one year after launched. Well-known decentralized exchange projects have also enjoy higher valuation than other project types, averaging at more than 100 million USD. Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, once commented that such platforms have “no need to set”, allow “instantaneous conversion, and quick completion.”

With that being said, existing decentralized exchanges are still struggling with liquidity, long transaction processing time and technical risks. New projects after EtherDelta, like Airswap, Kyber and 0x Project are trying to solve these problems in different ways.

Aside the support from ConsenSys, the Airswap team members boast experiences with notable Wall Street firms. Airswap supports price negotiation mechanism between users, so that users can release their trading wills through Airswap and quote prices according to the pricing system. When two parties reach a consensus, Airswap’s on-blockchain smart contract will automatically execute the contract and the transaction, thus improving the efficiency of large-scale investment fund transactions. In September, Airswap had successfully raised $20 million from its ICO, including an accomplished pre-sale of 150M AST out of the total 500M AST.

Kyber, on the other hand, adopts a method similar to foreign exchange windows. When users trade with Kyber, Kyber utilizes smart contracts and link multiple third-party token reserves with its reserves so as to improve liquidity. In Kyber’s model, KNC token is used to reward parties who bring trading activities to the platform. As a two-sided platform, reserves that contributes liquidity to the network will pay fees in KNC for every successful transaction, and the remaining of which, after deducting operational costs and fee to traffic generators, will be destroyed and cease to exist. Kyber also completed a very successful ICO in September, raising 200,000 ETH in the process.

Last but not least, 0x supports the creation and operation of newly developed decentralized exchange platforms under the protocol. It uses open-source interfaces which allow third-party orders to access to improve liquidity. Third-party developers manage and maintain the off-blockchain orders and independently decide whether to automatically match orders. The 0x smart contract provides on-blockchain execution and clearing of transactions. 0x completed an ICO of 500M ZRX tokens in August.

Huobi Pro:

Huobi Pro is an innovative digital asset trading platform for professional investors across the world, committed to discovering high-quality digital asset investment opportunities. Currently, it provides trading and peer-to-peer transaction services. It is headquartered in Singapore and has a subsidiary in Hong Kong, both operated by Huobi international team.

The data above are compiled from the information provided by the project providers and online public data. Huobi Blockchain Application Research institution also contributes to this report.

Huobi Group

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