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What is BTT?

Many internet users today are familiar with the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol invented by Bram Cohen that powers the torrent clients used around the world today. With BitTorrent (BTT), a TRC-10 utility token based on the TRON blockchain, BitTorrent extends its familiar protocol to create a token-based economy for networking, bandwidth, and storage resources on the existing BitTorrent network, thus providing a way for network participants to capture the value of sharing bandwidth and storage.

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[BTT: BTC 1DAY Chart]


It’s been a flat 2020 for BTT, as price bounced back and forth between 0.00000003 and 0.00000005, with one spike up to 0.00000007.

The price will likely test 0.00000007 again, as it has proven to be a pivotal area. During the last week, the price has dipped several times to 0.00000002 across different exchanges.

These dips provide bulls with an easy entry to take profits in the middle of the range around 0.00000005. Others might hold for a breakout up to 0.00000007 or higher.

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Risk Reminder:

1. Trading in digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Users should be fully aware of the risks associated with digital asset trading and make prudent trading decisions.

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