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What is Bitcoin Cash?

The Bitcoin Cash protocol, which aims to provide a solid, stable software and help lead Bitcoin Cash protocol development with an open and collaborative process.

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April 5th 1D BCH/BTC


An initial plunge in the price of BCH during the market crash, and the subsequent rebound, may have created a range as BCH consolidates over a significant pivot around 0.03287247.

If this proves to be a range, the pivot marks the range’s center. Currently, the price is hovering over this pivot, with significant liquidity above and below the current region.

If the price climbs, possibly spurred by the block reward halving, a sweep above the range highs at 0.03750828 with a close below could provide bears with a short entry. The range EQ and the support near the range low and 2020 yearly open around 0.02843501 make reasonable targets.

A dip below the current region into the range pivot may result in a bounce, giving bulls an entry to target the range highs and possibly as high as 2019’s yearly open at 0.0401608. From tradeprophet

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