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Huobi x DHT AMA Recap

Huobi x dHEDGE (DHT) AMA was a great success.

In the first section, we had the introduction of Henrik Andersson and dHEDGE (DHT):

Henrik Andersson, CFA, Co-founder dHEDGE, Co-founder mStable, CIO Apollo Capital.

Henrik has over 17 years’ experience in global financial markets, with almost a decade on Wall Street. Henrik has extensive experience across three continents as a quantitative analyst, senior research analyst and in institutional equity sales. Henrik holds a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University. He is a CFA charterholder. He has been in the crypto space for the past 7 years and now devoting much of his time to dHEDGE together with the emerging community of Hedgehogs.

About dHEDGE

dHEDGE is Decentralized hedge fund and asset management protocol connecting the world’s best investment managers with investors on the Ethereum blockchain in a permissionless, trustless fashion.

dHEDGE is building on top of Synthetix meaning our traders can enjoy zero-slippage on all the assets available on Synthetix. They can go both long and short. Assets span crypto, commodities, FX, and equities.

The protocol is completely non-custodial meaning investors don’t have to give up ownership of assets and managers cannot take possession of assets.

dHEDGE is looking to use Ethereum to democratize the world of investments by creating an open protocol that can be used by anyone.

Our governance token is #DHT and is currently trading on Huobi Global.

In the second section, our CM asked Henrik Andersson some important questions related to the project and its development.

🔷1. How dHEDGE different from other decentralized asset management protocols?

dHEDGE enables the trading of a lot more assets. 4 asset classes and a growing list of over 40 assets that you can go both long and short. We also have zero slippage thanks to Synthetix. In addition, our governance token DHT makes us unique!

🔷2. What does it mean that dHEDGE is integrated with Synthetix?

It means we are enabling trading on all the assets on Synthetix while still being completely non-custodial. On dHEDGE the managers can access everything on Synthetix and we are looking to support any future assets that they have in their making. I think this is very powerful. Synthetix got a strong community in DeFi, that we hope to build over time as well.

🔷3. How do you plan to engage the community?

We are looking for the community have a growing a very substantial role in dHEDGE. The first question they answered was how to distribute the initial DHT and they choose a IDO on Mesa/Gnosis which happended yesterday. We have a DAO structure where decision are going me made in a decentralised way and token holders will also be able to vote at least on certain parameters of the protocol!

🔷4. What does the roadmap look like in the coming months?

Next up will be mainnet, which we target before the end of September. Our contract is currently being audited. After mainnet we are looking to enable a Performance Mining program — this is a new innovation we are very excited about. Then we are looking at DHT staking which we think will bring even more innovation to the DeFi space — it is going to be a very busy second half of 2020 for dHEDGE!

🔷5. What is the long term vision of dHEDGE?

Long term vision is to create a decentralized software protocol that democratise asset management while being non-custodial. We think this is a very powerful vision that we are working hard to bring to the market and the DeFi community around the world. Another strong goal is to create a truly global community of stakeholders that owns the protocol long-term.

In the third section, Henrik Andersson answered 22 impromptu questions from the community.

🔷1. How does dHedge’s smart contract differ from other projects? What are the highlights of dHedge?

We enable decentralised asset management based on Synthetix, meaning you can access over 40 assets in 4 different asset classes, this has never been done before.

🔷2. Among different blockchains and cryptocurrency projects, what are some key features that set dHEDGE aside? What does dHEDGE have that other projects don’t?

dHEDGE is a truly decentralised project in the DeFi space with a strong growing community that works close to Synthetix which is one of the top DeFi projects in the world!

🔷3. Who are your potential customers and which markets are you targeting on?

Anyone who likes to get exposure to the best trading strategies available. It is a completely permissionless protocol, we want to democratize investing

🔷4. What Is dHedge focused on single-market growth right now? Does dHedge have plans to expand globally?

Yes we are building communities around the world such as Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan, Russian speaking countries, Western countries etc!

🔷5. In the crypto field, it’s very hard for projects to generate revenue/profits, some projects have a 10% dev share (10% from transaction fees taken by the project), can you explain to us in what way that dHEDGE creates revenue/profits?

we don’t want to have any revenue go directly to one group of people, instead, dHEDGE is built around a DAO and any admin fees on the protocol level will flow to DHT token holders through staking.

🔷6. What is Terra’s vision? How can #Terra make a difference in the world?

This is the core of what we’re all trying to do with cryptocurrency and blockchain. There is a vision we are all pursuing. Many networks are building and expecting to have adoption by forcing people to learn everything from private key management to the principles of blockchain and decentralization. To be completely honest, not all people can’t be on-boarded that fast — that is like trying to feed someone with a firehose.

We can look at this in terms of a spectrum of abstraction. Get people comfortable first on our platform and make it sticky. We have done this with Chai by abstracting it.

We are building the bridges from CeFi to DeFi and allowing people (non-crypto-natives) to enter our world slowly and surely. We are building the bridges to allow the rest of the world into blockchain — instead of fighting over the limited crypto-natives only.

🔷7. When will dHEDGE launch mainnet and which features make us waiting for?

We are looking to launch mainnet before the end of September! That will enable investors and managers in a permissionless way use the dHEDGE platform, after that we will enable Performance Mining and DHT staking!

🔷8. Why does dHEDGE choose Synthetix protocol for the zero-slippage trading model instead of others and what are the advantages it brings to dHEDGE?

We think Synthetix has the best model for trading in DeFi because it’s zero-slippage and it also has the most assets, that you can go both long as short — and not just crypto assets!

🔷9. Since your barter system in your wallet is based on Erc-20, is it limited to only supporting Erc-20 tokens? Do you plan to include other tokens or other blockchain-based coins? Thank you!

Synths on our platform are available for all kind of assets such as crypto, commodities, FX and equities — this is very unique

🔷10. Who has the right to determine the direction of the dHedge protocol? What are the requirements to be part of the decision-making process?

We want it to be an open system and we are looking to decentralize more and more over time

🔷11. It’s noticeable that investors can make investment activity for example in joining the dHEDGE staking program, could you please explain how the dHEDGE staking program works.?

Shortly we will enable staking on Balancer of our DHT token, we just published this

Later after mainnet we will also enable staking directly on our protocol, staking will be time-based and there will governance decisions as well as opportunities to earn.

🔷12. Can you share dHEDGE vision for decentralized finance (DEFI)? What features are built into dHEDGE to support DEFI?

we believe Decentralised Asset Management will be a core part of DeFi just like lending markets or derivatives for example

🔷13. Every successful project has some behind the scenes story, So what is the story behind DHEDGE success? What is “DHEDGE” mean?

d stands for Decentralised and Hedge comes from Hedge Funds.

🔷14. Defi is one of the hottest topic in crypto right now so in your opinion, how long will DeFi be popular and what is the future development trend?

I personally believe that DeFi is the main use case of open blockchains. Financial contracts are well defined and very suitable for smart contracts.

🔷15. Compound has recently announced that they are moving to a DAO. Is this something that dHEDGE thinks is good for the sector? is moving to a DAO an eventual goal for dHEDGE?

Yes dHEDGE is already a DAO structure from the beginning!

🔷16. Who are the main partners of dHEDGE? What are the benefits of cooperation with the dHEDGE ecosystem?

Main partner so far I guess is Synthetix, but there might be many other partners in the future!

🔷17. Congrats for your many ACHIEVEMENTS I’m sure you will get a LOT in the future because your PLATFORM is very NICE now my questions are: What is the role of dHEDGE tokens in the network? Does the payment need to pay for dHEDGE ? Do I need to pay for dHEDGEto send a message? In other words, what is the dHEDGE token appreciation logic?

dHEDGE is the governance token of dHEDGE and you will also be able to stake DHT for voting and earning.

🔷18. How do you plan to spread your understanding of the project in different countries where spoken English is not good like me?

We are building up partnerships around the world and we already have a Chinese Telegram group and WeChat group. We also have Russian Telegram group. We also support many languages in our Discord. We are currently actively building communities across Vietname, China, Korea, Japan, Russian speaking countries as well as Western world.

🔷19. What are some of the major achievements that the dHEDGE project has achieved and what milestones are planned in the upcoming months/years?

We have completed 2 testnet competitions and launched DHT, next up will be mainnet before end of month, after that Performance Mining and Staking of DHT.

🔷20. What is the background of the dHEDGE team? Do you think it is competent enough to run dHEDGE for long-term?

I think we have an awesome team will long experience from development and crypto, we also have an awesome community.

🔷21. What are those certain protocol parameters that users are allowed to vote for as token holders in dhEDGE? Could you explain more fully? Thank you!

We will come back to more details around this closer to DHT Staking, but we believe it is very innovative. It will be time-based voting and a stake in the protocol.

🔷22. Wouldn’t it be great if I could hold my coin right on the dHEDGE platform, does dHEDGE already have a wallet or integrate a 3rd party wallet into the platform?

DHT is an ERC-20 token so it is compatible with almost all wallets.

In the last section, we had quiz in which our community took active participation to end the AMA in a positive note.

After the AMA, we have received numerous positive feedbacks from the community, which motivates us to deliver more and more wonderful events in the future.

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Risk Reminder:

1. Trading in digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Users should be fully aware of the risks associated with digital asset trading and make prudent trading decisions.

2. Huobi Global’s announcements and information do not constitute investment advice, and Huobi will not bear responsibility or provide compensation for direct or indirect losses arising from trading decisions whilst relying on this information.



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