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Nearly 7 in 10 Crypto Holders Started Investing in 2021!

Crypto had a great year in 2021. Bitcoin hit all-time highs, the first Bitcoin Futures ETF was listed in New York, and all of a sudden everyone started talking about crypto. By the end of the year, it seemed as if crypto was really on the cusp of going mainstream.

In mid-December, Huobi surveyed 3,144 adults to figure out just how perception of the industry has changed over the last year. Questions included which cryptos they’ve heard of, how much they’re investing, what they think about the future of the industry, etc. These findings were published in our report, Crypto Perception Report 2022, which just came recently.

The findings were surprising. First of all, we found that 28% of respondents owned crypto already; another 25% reported that though they didn’t own crypto at the moment, they planned to in the future.

28% of survey respondents reported that they owned crypto

And most investors are new to the industry. Of the crypto holders we surveyed, 68% just started investing in the emerging asset class within the last 12 months, supporting the thesis that 2021 really was when everyone started to crowd into the industry.

However, most investors are still relatively apprehensive, either because they’re afraid of the risks or just don’t have the capital. 46% of crypto holders said that they owned less than $1,000, and another 25% owned between $1,000 and $10,000. Only 26% reported owning more than $10,000 in crypto assets, indicating that the average crypto holder still owns a relatively small amount.

46% of crypto holders reported having less than $1,000 in the emerging asset class

But times are early and there’s still room to grow. 40% of crypto holders reported that they were looking for long-term investment potential, challenging the commonly held perception that most people are in it just for the short run. Just 18% reported that they were looking for short-term investment potential, and 7% reported that they invested in crypto for fear of missing out, or “FOMO”.

A surprising 40% of crypto holders reported that they were in it for long-run investment potential

🔹What’s next for crypto in 2022?

It’s hard to tell. Some say that the crypto bull market may come to an end as the Fed prepares to cut interest rates. Others say that it’s just the beginning, as emerging crypto sub-sectors begin to take off. According to the survey, crypto holders were most bullish on these three sectors: NFTs, DeFi, and the Metaverse. These were the top three sectors that investors felt most confident in.

🔹To find out more findings from the survey, download the report here.



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