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New Huobi Listing: Rally (RLY)

🔷What is Rally (RLY)?

Rally empowers creators, artists, athletes, and businesses (collectively known as “creators”) to create their own cryptocurrencies (Creator Coins) in order to increase fan interaction and generate new revenue streams.

Currently, creators are struggling to monetize their fan bases, let alone in a way that benefits both fans and creators. Rally’s goal is to address this issue. Simultaneously, fans can purchase Creator Coins, which will grow in value as the creator’s fan base grows. In addition to accumulating value, the token can be used to represent a level of commitment/fandom, tiered access to exclusive material, early access, or to acquire NFTs issued by the developer.

$70,000 Shared! Trade or Deposit RLY!

🔷Why Rally (RLY)?

Rally does not take fees, has a low environmental impact, does not require any crypto knowledge, and seamlessly interacts with your platforms.

🔷Secure and Solid

Rally is backed by a cutting-edge security infrastructure and was founded by a team with extensive experience in the creator economy industry.

🔷Easy and Rewarding

Users don't need any crypto knowledge to create a coin. Any can buy coins within just a credit card.

🔷Open and Compatible

Coins can be linked to apps on the internet allowing the creator ecosystem to be used everywhere you want to be!

🔷If there are no fees, how does Rally make money?

Rally was founded on the belief that creators and their communities have created something truly unique and powerful, and that it is their right to preserve it. As a result, does not charge any transaction or platform fees to the creators or their communities. The initial creators and investors in the Rally project all have partial rights to $RLY coins, which are subject to vesting and lockups.

🔷Token Supply

Max supply is 15 billion RLY has been minted at the genesis and will be released over the course of 8 years. Of the 15 billion, less than 30% is allocated to Rally team members and seed investors as follows:

Seed Investors: (15.3%) :4-yr vesting &12-month lock-up, no voting 1st yr

Team: (14.2%)4-yr vesting &12-month lock-up, no voting 1st year.

Advisors: (0.17%)

Prelaunch handful (less than 15) advisors- Brian Flynn, Keisuke Honda, Susie Kim, Josh Kratz to name a few; were onboarded for building community and growing creator base. Their length of service is for 12 months with a total payout not to exceed 20M RLY.

Side Chain Operations: (1%)

Rally side chain is used for a variety of operations. These transactions must also take place on the main net. A tranche of tokens must be transferred on a regular basis for these transactions. After 3 months of launch and forecasting a quarter of activities, 10 million tokens were transferred in January 2021 for these activities. The current ten million has been estimated for future transactions over the next 3 to 4 months. This is a continuing activity, and transfers will be made on a regular basis based on actual transactions.

🔷Community Allocation

A max supply of 15 billion $RLY has been minted at genesis on October 15, 2020 and will be released over the course of 8 years. Of the 15 billion, 70% is allocated to the Rally Community as follows:

‌Community: Network Usage Rewards (50.0%):

● 50.0% of the $RLY supply is allocated to automated rewards for those contributing to the Rally Network.

Community: Treasury, Developers, Partners, LP and more (20.4%):

● Community Treasury via Yearn Vaults (3.3% overall supply)

● Liquidity Mining Program (2.3% overall supply)

● Advisors and Future Collaborators (3.3% overall supply)

● Developer Ecosystem and Technical Partnerships (5.0% overall supply)

● Creator, Brand, and Community Partnerships (6.4% overall supply)

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