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Participate in the Huobi Trading Contest to share the 2 million USDT prize pool!

Huobi Global has rolled out its Huobi Trading Contest offering a grand prize pool worth 2 million USDT. Aimed at celebrating the upcoming Ethereum merge while incentivizing crypto traders to take part in Huobi Global’s newly launched Prime membership program, the contest offers something for everyone!

Register on Huobi here

Inclusivity is the keyword of the day for Prime, which offers attractive tiered discounted transaction fees and various other benefits to different trader types.

Read below to learn how to join the contest and win rewards!

When: 12:00 on Sept 5, — 12:00 on Sept 15, 2022 (UTC)


Qualifying participants will be classified into one of three streams: Beginner Trader, Talented Trader, and Master Trader, based on their Prime membership levels.

Participants’ stream levels may vary through the contest period based on their past 30 days’ trading volumes.

(Market makers are not eligible to join the contest.)

Prime levels will be evaluated based on participants’ spot/derivatives trading volume or deposited asset amount in the past 30 days at Huobi Global. Refer to the chart below to see which Prime level you belong to. Participants’ Prime level will be updated at 03:00 (UTC) every day during the contest.

🔹About Huobi Trading Contest:

1) The contest will see traders compete against one another over a 10-day period from September 5–15 2022. During each of these 10 days, Huobi Global will track participants’ trading volumes and rank each day’s top traders on a public leaderboard.

2) Traders who are talented enough to make the leaderboard will share a grand prize pool of 2 million USDT, with top traders standing to win up to 50,000 USDT in individual prizes.

3) All participants who meet the trading volume requirements for the Beginner Trader category will be awarded a Good Luck prize and win part of a 10,000 USDT prize pool.

4) Participants who trade Ethereum or a secret token (disclosed closer to the contest date) will have their tabulated trading amount multiplied by an unknown variable, increasing their trading volumes recorded for the competition and their prize winning chances.

5) Rewards will be delivered to winners’ My B, which can be accessed from the event page, within 10 business days after the end of the event.

🔹To learn more about the trading contest, click here.

🔹To find out more about the Prime membership program, click here.

🔹To begin trading on Huobi Global, click here.



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