Persisting through Adversity with an Unwavering Mission

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Huobi would like to inspire our community and other communities to help share facts not FUD regarding to the pgala incident to ensure a clear and accurate view of events.

🔹Dear Huobi Community:

The past six months have seen turbulence in the crypto industry, with many black swan events. Huobi has also undergone and witnessed the crypto market’s twists and turns as well as the development over the past year. As a 9-year-old trading platform, we believe in the industry’s mission of innovating finance & technology. It will grow amid chaos, come under regulation amid doubt, and become increasingly robust in a new financial landscape. In order to BUIDL step by step and help boost the crypto world, we urge all crypto participants to give a rational and objective response to FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) events. By doing so, we can provide our communities with positive forces that benefit the industry. If every participant makes a small step, we can take the industry to the moon.

Months have passed since the pGALA incident took place last November. However, Huobi, a victim of the incident, has been attacked by false accusations. We have worked with Gala Games to launch a compensation plan to offset the losses of affected users. At the same time, we have been seeking compensation from pNetwork, the party responsible for the excessive issuance of pGALA tokens. While both Huobi & Gala Games are victims of the incident, we have worked together for months and agreed to compensate affected Huobi users with US$50 million in cash and user benefits. This compensation is currently being processed. However, pNetwork has failed to take responsibility for its own hacking attacks and has been avoiding its obligations. Moreover, it has unfairly profited almost 13,000 BNB, which it promised to return to victims by airdrop but has never delivered. Through a strategic partnership, Huobi & Gala Games will jointly compensate affected users & pursue legal action against pNetwork to defend user interests and both parties’ reputations. We will also support our users to swap their pGALA for the new token ROCK (Rock DAO), and Huobi will be the first platform to list ROCK once the conversion is completed.

Huobi now will launch an event for Community’s Comments on the Facts Regarding the pGALA Incident based on the latest updates of pGALA. We sincerely invite Huobi community users, industry KOL, WE-Media authors, content creators and fans to comment on the pGALA incident based on the facts. Huobi will grant huge prizes to authors with outstanding content!

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🔹Overview: Community’s Award-winning Comment Contest Starts Now

🔹Event Period: Apr 6 — Apr 15, 2023 (UTC+8)


Regarding the facts of the pGALA incident and rumors on the Internet, participants can analyze Huobi and Gala Games based on their disclosed information and express your views and opinions via Huobi APP content community, personal social media accounts (e.g. Twitter, Weibo, public accounts) and other platforms to truthfully deliver the facts of crypto space and boost the development of the industry. There is no limit to the format and the content can be a short blog, an article, a video or a cartoon; The rewards for published articles will be judged according to the facts, page view, content quality, neutrality and other factors. All participants will be eligible for a Huobi-related lucky draw!

🔹Who Can Join?

We sincerely invite Huobi community users, KOL in the industry, We-Media authors and content creators to join.


The rewards for this event will be ranked according to the page view, content quality, facts, creativity, positive energy of the industry and other factors. All participants will be eligible for a Huobi-related lucky draw!

1st Place: 500 USDT for 1 participant

2nd Place: 300 USDT for each of the 3 participants

3rd Place: 100 USDT for each of the 5 participants

4th Place: 50 USDT for each of the 10 participants

Industry Guardian Prize: A lucky draw for Huobi-related prize worth 200 RMB: a set of Huobi-related prize for each of the 10 participants

🔹Reference Articles:

1. Huobi Global’s Statement on the Facts Regarding the GALA Incident

2. Huobi partners with Gala Games to support users impacted by pGALA

3. Huobi Partners with Gala Games to File A Lawsuit Against pNetwork

4. Huobi Partners with Gala Games to Compensate pGALA-affected Users

5. Huobi and Gala Games Have Filed A Lawsuit Against pNetwork

6. Huobi to Support the Rebranding of pGALA to ROCK

7. Huobi Partners with Gala Games and Rock DAO to Launch GameFi

🔹How to participate and claim rewards:

1. Click the link to sign up:

2. Scan QR code to sign up

🔹Event Rules:

1. The event theme is “Community’s Comments on the Facts Regarding the pGALA Incident” and content design should be based on facts and opinions;

2. Participants are required to post their contents on three or more media platforms and there is no limit to the platforms on which the contents can be posted, including Huobi APP community, WeChat public account, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, TopBuzz, etc.;

3. Participants are required to fill out the above-mentioned registration form after posting the content, so as not to affect the results and reward distribution;

4. There is no limit to the format and the content can be a blog, an article, a video or a cartoon;

5. Participants are allowed to use Huobi branded images, including LOGO, videos, announcements, official media contents and other brand materials during this event;

6. Well-created hot articles will be shared via Huobi official account;


1. The results will be announced in the Huobi APP community prior to April 20, 2023, and other official Huobi social media platforms will also sync the details. Please stay tuned!

2. The rewards will be issued within two weeks after the announcement. Winners are required to provide Huobi UID and complete KYC Level 3 verification within 3 business days;

3. If participants have any questions regarding the results, please contact us via Twitter (@xiejiayinHuobi) within 2 business days of the announcement;

🔹Enter Your Submission Here

Huobi reserves the right of final interpretation for this event

Thanks for reading, and please let us know in the comments what you think about regarding the contest. Lastly, make sure to follow Huobi on our social channels to stay updated on all things crypto.

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